Friday, April 06, 2007

Tomorrow Izzak will be 12

One year ago tomorrow Izzak had his 11th birthday...

He had a good party in the house we had just gotten to move into got lots of great gifts. A boy can always use a new skateboard right, he got 2.

Izzak had a great summer we went to the lake which is a favorite of ours. In the picture Izzak is holding his sisters hands to take them across to the center of the lake which is so shallow it only goes up to your ankles. It goes up to your waist to get there though and the kids think it is really cool to stand out in the center of the lake!

We enjoyed several trips to the park

Izzak really thrives in the summer. He has less to worry about without school and seems to focus a lot more on just being a normal kid. No one to remind him of his problems like when in school. His siblings and closest friends have grown up around him and have long ago learned how talk to him and make sure he understands what is going on long before he was ever diagnosed. During the summers he can just be a kid and be around people who except him disabilities and all. He did really well this summer.

Izzak though started 6th grade this year and in our school district it put him in middle school for the first time. I was really worried about it and did my best not to voice my fears around him. Talked him up about it so he would go into the year expecting good things.

Alot of my fears had to do with him being able to get around to multiple classrooms and lockers. We have worked around that and he is doing great remembering those and is allowed a key lock for his locker so he doesn't have to remember the combination. We tried the combo at first but found he couldn't ever remember it so the key was a better way to go.

My other concern was that in middle school they are bigger kids and are not always nice to each other, you know? I have noticed some of his issues becoming more obvious around kids his age and older and worried about that. It has been a problem he has dealt with more teasing this year then any year in school so far its hard to see. Also he has had a difficult year with fighting. Izzak has always been the type of kid who will take alot from others but he is a big boy and we knew could handle himself and have always known in the back of our heads that there would be a day he just didn't put up with it so much. This really has been the year. He got in his first real fight this year. The other boy had been on him for weeks. Izzak had tried to tell teachers what was going on (the other boy was hitting him, kicking him and teasing alot) the teachers and other faculty that he went to did nothing but tell him to ignore him but it just kept getting worse. Finally Izzak had enough and fought back and got in a big fight at school. His first ever referal and in school suspension. I was irritated that it had to get to that point. Also a few months later another boy tried to steal his bike and when he didn't let him have it the boy took a skateboard and broke his arm. I wrote a post about it here and a little more here.

The school seems to be trying harder though to work with him and his advisory teacher seems to be genuinly interested in helping him.

Also the burn he got just a couple of months ago to his leg. Its seems to have been a year of accidents for him. We are really hoping for a better year.

I've said before I really am looking forward to being able to pull him out of school for awhile to work with him one on one he really does so much better.

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PortraitofPeter said...

Congratulations - you have won an Award - pop over to my site and just click on the award to place on your site too and then choose your own (5) to receive similar award.

You richly deserve this.

Belizegial said...

Hi Terri,

Good morning from the tropics. I was over at heiress child blogsite and saw she had nominated you for the thinking blogger award.

Your blog is truly a great journal of your family and I am inspired by your energy and dedication to all of them. They are really great kids and I enjoyed the videos, esp. the one of Madison singing the alphabet and the itsy bitsy spider :)

Take care and may Izzak have a great birthday today.

from Belize City

PortraitofPeter said...

Thank you so very much Terri, for your wonderful insight over the Birthday years of Izzak.

One has felt deeply honoured to be allowed to share in this journey and to see the talents of your sensitive, and caring young son.

I do agree homeschooling - is a wonderful idea and one in which has shown tremendous benefits for many children, hence its increasing popularity.

To say that I am greatly disturbed at the failings of the Education establishment and other relevant agencies is an understatement!! You and Izzak should never have had to endure such gross incompetence.

The "Thinking Blogger Award" is only a small token for your many achievements, your determination and your strength of character in support of Izzak - a wonderful young boy - and son - from such loving and caring parents as yourselves.

May you all have a wonderful Easter - shared in the knowledge you have "blogging friends" - thinking of you.

Blessings from Peter in Scotland.

Wendy said...

WOW! Look slike it has been a long year! Izzak sure has a strong spirit!! So, a MUCH DESERVED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO IZZAK!!!! We are all pulling for you!

Jeanne said...

Congratulations on your award and I am glad Peter introduced me to your journal.
Blessings for a marvelous Easter!

frannie said...

this has been so nice to visit every year of Izzak's life.

He has had to deal with so much in his short life. He is so lucky to have such a wonderful, loving, caring mother!

ChrisB said...

This journey through Izzacks life has been amazing.

elena jane said...

thanks for posting the adventures of izzak. and happy belated birthday wishes to him!! :)

Emma in Canada said...

I give Izzak a lot of credit for putting up with the child picking on him for so long. School's are terrible about not responding to bullying and eventually the victim is going to react. Liam was hit once, and following another mother's advice, I called the police to talk to them about it. They said they would be willing to come to the school and talk to both kids and that sometimes that is all the bully needs, a police visit. He also said that they do keep "unofficial" records on the kids who bully. I didn't end up going that route, I really pissed off the principal with the threat of it though!, but looking back, I wish I had.

Debbie said...

My heart just breaks for Izzac...and you. Seeing your child go through such school is so frustrating!! And for him to get a physical injury, too! Man, why do kids have to be so mean sometimes?!

I truly hope things improve for him soon. :)