Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ok I can breath now

Okay I'm sure you are all wondering....
I am fine the tests turned out fine so as the title says I can breath now.....

I was worried, really worried....
Honestly I didn't need anything else to be wrong with me. I have enough as it is.

My main issue is that I have a particularly bad problem with Iron deficiency anemia in my case I don't process Iron like I should from foods or iron supplements. I can take or eat all the iron I want and it does nothing for me. It got particularly bad about 2 years ago where my iron levels dropped to really low levels of iron in my system and no iron stores (or no detectable Ferritin level for those of you who are medical types). I went through tons of tests to try to figure it out and as of yet they can't find anything so for now they've decided I don't process it. I get IV iron every 4 weeks now for the last 2 years through a port implanted in my chest. Also I don't process vitamin B12 properly either so I have to get a shot of that every 4 weeks as well.

Other then that I have GERD or a particularly bad case of acid reflux disease. I take protonix for that for the last 6 years because I can't go off of it or it gets really bad... trust me, not good. Along with that I have IBS which I have to say is no fun either. I could go on and on about both of those problems, especially the GERD but I will spare you that.

Can you see why I have issues with anxiety on top of that??

Hmm there are some other issues but those are my main ones so I can leave of there its just gets a little frustrating. I feel like everytime I go to the dr there is something else wrong with me.

I could probably handle my own issues if it wasn't for the kids problems as well. Both Kenzie and Izzak have inherited the GERD issues and Izzak has issues with anxiety. Kenzie has several other issues. Izzak has his learning issues and health problems to boot. Joshua got off pretty good after a very hard start in life only has his eyes and ADHD now. Madison had eye problems but had eye surgery and those are okay now. She does have a problem with her bladder and she doesn't even know most of the time when she has to go and with an irritable bladder and bladder spasms she has no time to get their if she does realize she has to.

So do you see why I don't need anything else?

Okay, sorry about that stuff it came off as a little depressing I really didn't mean to do that but i have been thinking alot this week and everything is on my mind. We are moving at the end of the summer this year and when we get there I have to find new doctors to handle all of this stuff and that is the only thing really that really scares me about moving. I will really need to find someone to help with that when we get there. Also I absolutly love my family doctor and keep telling Kelly that I may just have to figure out how to fly back here anytime I need to see my primary doctor for anything because I just can't imagine finding someone who even compares to him.

Anyway, I didn't really post about Izzaks Birthday last Saturday. It went well and we went to Chuck E Cheese which I thought Izzak would be a little old for but he wanted to go and had a lot of fun. Madison was scarred to death of Chuck E Cheese though, poor girl, she flew under the table at one point when he was walking around! I will make sure he posts about his party and his week at Outdoor School when he gets back on Friday.

Speaking of that. I miss him alot this week! really I do even though it is a little quieter around here because he and Joshua aren't fighting that kid is great company. I was worried about him having problems up there but we haven't gotten any phone calls so he must be enjoying himself and doing fine. Its not the first time he has gone away to camp either but the other times were with our church and I was much more comfortable with them and the kids he was with.

At Izzaks party they had a machine that took your picture then a made a drawing of that picture so I will leave you with that and some pictures of Izzak at his party.

Now isn't that a lovely picture??

He was almost giddy in this picture because he got his Heelys from my parents which he has been trying to get for awhile now!

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Heather said...

ooo Terri! I am So relieved... I didn't realize how concerned I was about you until I read your post. I'm so glad you're okay!! Well must get of to bed's 12:15 am.. and I have to work tomorrow!! yikes..... well I know with this news..I will sleep well tonight!well take care and I'll email you sometime in the next few days..
take care of yourself!

my4kids said...

Thank you so much Heather, wow your quick to post a comment! I just posted

Beccy said...

Terri what a burden you have to carry and I hope you feel better. I'm sure you'll find a good doctor when you move and hopefully it won't take you too long.

I'm not sure if you read my reply about the collages. Sign up free to Picasa2 and with the click og a button (well a few buttons) you have a collage you can send direct to your blog.

PortraitofPeter said...

Terri, I am so delighted you have had some good news, as you rightly point out you have enough to cope with.

I am also delighted that Izzak has been having a great time at the Outdoors School.

The photo's of his birthday show how happy he is and even Kenzie is wearing his cap - I see.

Delighted you are back - as we have all missed your wonderful posts.


frannie said...

I have been sooo worried about you! I kept checking back to see if you had the results posted. I am so thankful that there is nothing to worry about.

I"m glad that Izzak is doing well- been worried about him, as well.
and glad that the party was a success- other than the big mouse coming after little Maddie! :)

Amy W said...

I am glad you have good news considering everything you deal with on a daily basis...I was on Protonix for a while too, I feel your pain!

Looks like the birthday boy had fun!

Steffi said...

I´m glad too to hear your good news and hope you feel soon better Terri!

It sounds that´s Izaaks birthday was good and he had much fun!
Have a nice day!


Jocelyn said...

Despite all the health problems and anxieties, you seem amazingly able to stay focused on what's good in your life--like celebrating another birthday with a precious kid. Well done.

Wendy said...

First of all, I am so glad you are okay!! Second, you have almost made it through the week- one more day and he will be home! I am sure he had a blast. I can't imagine how sad I will be when Julia has her first school camping trip. I cried with her first field trip and it was only a couple hours!! Why are you all moving? I saw at one point it was to Alaska. Brrr!

Wendy said...

Forgot to mention how much I love the smiles in those photos.

Debbie said...

Well, good news. I didn't know that you had so many health issues. I'm sorry to read that you have to go through all of that. Being a mom is challenging, but fighting pain and illness just makes it that much harder. It would for me anyway. I know my patience is tested much more when I'm ill or tired, etc.

We have on of those sketches from Chuck E Cheese too! Of my daughter and I actually quite like it. It's from a couple of years ago, but I still have it. Maybe I'll post it.

Whoo hoo! Heelys!! "Rollin' rollin' rollin' rawhide!" I couldn't resist. ;)

ChrisB said...

terri I don't know how I missed this post and I'm so glad everything is Ok.