Wednesday, July 26, 2006


It has been a little while since I posted I guess things get busy in the summer don't they? I am not doing to much but working and trying to keep cool. We have had a lot of drs appts of course this summer all ready though but that is not really anything new. Izzak is doing well though his anxiety seems to be under control right now but I think that has a lot to do with the fact he is not in school at the moment, his allergies are another story not so good this year. McKenzie is doing well but bad allergies also. I am not looking forward to school starting this year though. I am worried about starting with a new special ed teacher for Izzak since he will be in middle school this year and he is still reading at a 3rd grade level. I don't want him to end up sick again stressing out and I hate fighting with the school to give him the assistance that they even say he needs. McKenzie I am worried about also at the end of this school year I got a call from the school to ask me when I would be picking up her inhaler saying she hadn't used it since she started there in February, now normally this would be okay for most kids but Kenzie isn't most kids she is supposed to be using that inhaler every day at school and I had spoke to the teacher front office and nurses aid, filled out paperwork and had a letter from her dr with those instructions on it only to find out that for the last 3-4 months they had not given it to her and in fact had lost the letter from the dr and instead of calling me about the instructions I gave them they chose to ignore it since they didn't have a letter I personally handed that letter in and made a big deal about it so I was furious at the time obviously I will have to speak to the principal and nurse again this year and try to re-inforce the fact her health is important and she needs her inhaler. Speaking of losing things I went to the pharmacy the other day to pick up a prescription Madison has been taking for almost 2 years and they had lost any record of her ever having it even though she had refills they lost any records of any prescriptions they had filled for her and lost the information with her medication allergies. I don't get it. How do schools and pharmacies get away with losing important information like that. McKenzies issue explains a lot I had just thought her breathing and allergies were worse when we moved had I known she hadn't been getting her regular doses I would have known why. I mean a 7 yr old isn't really old enough in my opinion to be responsible to take her own meds otherwise they would allow her to carry it around and give it to herself like older kids do.
Anyway we had a good vacation to California this year short (only 5 days total) but good I think we can't go to long anyway, we all get tired of each other and I usually can't wait to get back to my own bed. I will update with some pics later but the kids had a lot of fun in the hotel swimming pool and we went to the Shasta Caverns and walked through the caves it was a lot of walking up and down stairs but I guess it was great excersize and it was neat to see everything inside and kids had no problem keeping up.
I will try to post more now as things have settled back down hopefully for awhile and I will get updated pictures of the kids on soon.