Saturday, November 18, 2006

Do I really need anything else this week?

So the week has been interesting with me having surgery on Tuesday and I have to say it does seem to take longer to feel better the older you get. I know I am only 30 but my body feels so much older then that and this was my 5th surgery in 10 years and seems to be really taking alot out of me!

So you ask why the Title well no only am I basically in a cast from the shoulder down due to the surgery but now Izzak is also. Yes he is also in a cast from the shoulder down due to breaking his elbow. Well he didn't break it some other kid broke it when he wouldn't let the kid steal his bike right in front of the school. Its a temporary cast for now till he gets in with the Ortho dr hopefully on Monday but since the xray department missed sending the xray that shows the break they weren't able to view it on Friday and now I have to run it over there on Monday morning.

And I thought things were getting better, but apparently no one at said school felt it very worrisome that an 11 year old refused to use or barely move the arm all day and never did call me to let me know something happened so it was not until he came home from school complaining his arm hurt and he couldn't move it that I knew anything about it. I am a little irritated obviously and I don't feel the 2 days suspension they gave the kid is at all enough! I mean any other weapon brought to school would be an imediate expulsion, not that I am saying that this should happen but 2 days for breaking a kids arm on purpose just does not sound right to me.
Joshua had an appt on Friday with Dr Smucker (my all time favorite dr) who is our family dr (when I say family I mean it literally Kelly,myself, all the kids, my parents, my brother and Hannah and her kids all see him). It was just for his 10 year well child appt and to check up on his adhd meds he is growing great 73lbs and 4 foot 6 inches now they say according to the charts he is in the 50% but I don't see it he is so skinny! We discussed his behavior lately and how he is doing in school and decided since he has gained 13 pounds in the last year and grown several inches it may be time to increase his meds. We just started the new dose today so we will see how that works then he has another appt to see how it is going in a month.
Kenzies Birthday is tomorrow and she will be 8 so big these kids are making me feel old lately. We are going over to visit my sister as she hasn't seen the kids since Kenzie was born and she is going to make her a cake since we are comming over. The kids are looking forward to that!
Nothing new with Maddie she has 2 weeks till she turns 6 and we are going to figure out how to get all these kids a birthday party done before Christmas (what was I thinking with there birthdates???).

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purple_kangaroo said...

That's awful! I hope you both feel better soon.

On another note, I tried to e-mail you to ask about the GI doctor you see--I am wondering if we're going to be seeing the same one. The e-mail bounced and I can't find an address in your profile. Would you be willing to e-mail me at the link in my profile when you get a chance? Thanks!