Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thanks Beccy!

So several times I have gone to read posts from Beccy's blog and seen that she had these fabulous colages for her pictures. I asked her how to do that and she told me about Picasa and now I think I am addicted.

It's perfect for me! As you all know I love to share pictures and the more I can share the better in my opinion. I love to show people just how cute my kids are and all of our activities we do together.

Even better about Picasa is it is linked to Blogger so you can make your collages or add pictures to your site straight from the Picasa site. Its so easy!

So if I want to share even just a bunch of random pictures its easy see....

Posted by Picasa
Now doesn't that look simple? Really it is.
On another note Kelly is counting down the days before he is done with his work. 8 days left and then he will be here for another week and a half before he takes himself and his things he's taking to Alaska. He does have anothe friend who is going also who is also moving so he won't be driving up himself which is a huge relief to me as well. He doesn't know when he is so tired he needs to stop and has a tendancy to really push himself. I usually have to tell him when we are driving that it is time to stop and go somewhere to sleep when we are going on a vacation where we drive somewhere.
I am a little worried about his leaving though. For myself that is. When he leaves I will be here with the kids myself. Not only is that kind of a scary thought to myself because they are a lot of work plus I will be working full time as well. I just hope I don't get to stressed out from it. Trust me you should be able to tell by my posts and any encouraging words would be well taken and appreciated! The other thing that is sad for me is that we have never really been apart for that long. The longest was about 3 weeks when Izzak and I moved back here from Arizona while he finished up school but at that time I only had Izzak who was 9 months at the time and I was living with my parents so I had a lot of help. I will also really miss him cause like I said we haven't been apart that long before. He grounds me, as in I am the type of person who can get really wound up about things. If its good I can go way overboard and lose track of other things going on. If I am worked up about something and frustrated he helps to calm me down and make me feel better. He is a sounding board for me when frustrated.
Honestly he puts up with a lot with me, he's probably looking forward to getting away from my drama! Honestly I would love to get away from it myself.
The kids are great right now even though the rain does not want to stop. I am working on helping Izzak with another post about his gas powered remote control car. There is a funny story about it but I want him to tell it. We will see about getting that up tomorrow or the next day.
Also take a look at Peters blog to read his poem about the tragedy in Virginia on Monday its another great poem from him. He is a great writer and I wish I could create poetry like he does. It's just not in me.

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Beccy said...

Now I'll be the one saying great collage!

How long before you move to Alaska? Is two months? I know you mentioned somewhere but I can't remember.

I'm sure it will be hard but if you can focus on the move and how great life will be when you get there it might help you through the next few months.

ChrisB said...

Lovely collage. I am so jealous (my computer doesn't support picasa) but as you may have noticed I sometimes get beccy to prepare and post one on my blog.

You are a very strong person and you will cope but I can understand how you will miss Kelly as you are not used to being apart. You've got a lot to look forward to and we'll all still be around for you to off load onto ;-)

PortraitofPeter said...

A great collage and I do think "Madison" and I - can compete on the teeth stakes!!

Pleased your husband has someone to travel with to Alaska - would imagine it to be quite a journey - how long will it take?

August - will soon be here and you and the kids will be off on your journey of discovery and excitement in your new home.

Please remember - you still have your "blogging friends" to turn too - over the next months - and Kelly will be at the other end of the phone too!! Focus on your strengths and delegate chores for the kids to assist you during this time!!

Oh, how sweet of you to mention my prayer and your very kind (Blushing) comments. Your talents Terri are evident for all to see and we do so much enjoy - hence our daily visits to your delightful site.

Blessings to you all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Terri,

Just stopping by to say hi. I want to come back soon and read through some of your posts and get to know you better. Basically just wanting to let you know that I appreciate your comments over on my site, and usually I'm not so rude in not visiting my commenters but recently have been having a hard time catching up, by the time I get posted on my blog I am tired and need to get some sleep. (I noticed as I was browsing a bit that you say you have too and I just found our recently and so this is a huge reason for the tiredness and why I go to bed rather then stay up and browse around in blog land. I hope to work on the reasons why I am anemic this summer, just trying to get my son's health in order first.)

And that was a long winded hello, but that is just how it is, I guess. :)

Hope you have a nice day today.



Heather said...

Hi Terri
that Picasa is really cool! I'll have to go try that out. I know what you mean about missing your hubby and being alone with the kids. Mine goes away this weekend and I'm not looking forward to that either, but at least it's only the weekend. He talked about getting a temporary job away from home that would last about 3 weeks and it didn't come through.... we were all glad (except him(o; ) I told him I didn't really like the idea of being a single mom for those 3 months.....but in the end in your case this will really be great because you'll be moving to ALASKA!! yay!!! I'd love to go to Alaska! It's so pretty there... and oh.... so coooold!lol but I'm sure you guys will love it since your such outdoorsy people.... well enjoy your week....

Debbie said...

Love the collage.

It was scary for me the first time my husband left. For several years, while the kids were small, he worked away from home. Hewas gon all week, and then home on the weekends. I'm very happy to say that we don't do that anymore.

You can do this. Your kids will likely be a big help. I'm really looking foward to seeing pics from your new home in Alaska. Have you ever checked out My Ecletic Blog? Her link is in my blog, and she's no longer private. Anyway, she lives in Alaska, and has some beautiful photos. She often has greats shots of Moose from right by her house.

Debbie said...

I should have proof read. :} I meant: "He was gone all week..."

frannie said...

now I'm jealous of you AND beccy! little photo collage queens!

and you are such a teacher's pet! :)

anyway, my dear- we are here for you while Kelly is gone. use us as sounding boards! and you can do it. it will be hard and at times it will suck- but you are so strong and have been through much harder things!

love you!

PortraitofPeter said...

Terri, how do I put just a name and not the full URL when wanting to place in a post??

As you probably have noticed I always end up having to put the full url - one can tell my limitations in life!!

Hope you are all having a nice day!!

PortraitofPeter said...

Thanks Terri, for the tips - I think I get the hang of it (as I sit here - quivering and biting my pipe).

Enjoy the day.

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Honestly, you are going to be fine.
I'm sure you've heard people talk about their marriage as having a Ephesians 5 relationship, or 1 Peter 3 or 1 Cor, etc....

From what I can tell, you and Kelly figured out the important part and have a Genesis 2 marriage.
I'll let you read it for yourself and you'll see what I mean.

Blessings to you.

Cool photos...

Gerbil said...

A friend of mine was stationed in Alaska and her pictures were just incredible. I hope the time flies and you love it up there as much as she did.

miraclebaby said...

hey you gotta fly me up with Hannah once you move up there!

scribbit said...

Cool collage, you're so artsy AND techy :)

Steffi said...

Very nice pictures,Terri!

Amy W said...

I love the collage too.

And we will all be here when he's gone.

And that link to the poem? That was really great.

elena jane said...

great collage, you encouraged me to do one too!
it's hard to be the ONE when hubby/dad is gone. hopefully the kids will help some and the time will pass quickly until you move up there!
we'll be here to listen! :)