Monday, April 02, 2007

Fun Monday

FUN MONDAY today comes courtesy of mscellania who asked us to find an article of vintage (to us) clothing in our wardrobes and share it!
I don't really have anything very old in my closet...actually I don't have much in the closet right now most is on the floor or in boxes. Cause I'm a bad house cleaner upper....most of these things are in what was my hope chest now it holds special items you know since a hope chest is for when you get married and um I already did that.
My oldest item I still have is this dress...

Which if you can't tell was mine, wasn't I cute? hehe. For some reason I love this dress and have kept it around in my box which is actually in my hope chest. Just look at the carpet, furniture and curtains do they tell you what decade it was when I was born? Kind of scarry me things that these were popular styles.

This item is actually in my coat closet I was 16 in this picture and very excited about this jacket because it was my first big purchase for myself! I really wanted this coat but already had one so my parents wouldn't buy so I saved my money and when I finally had enough it was the last one in my size! Well sorta it looks way to big but I was into big baggy clothes. Even though I was really skinny back then and should have wanted to show my figure....I wish I was that small now!

I was not a dress person at all I hated wearing dresses. It probably came from the fact that I wore dresses all the time when I was little...I don't know but I was a huge tomboy

This was one of the rare times Kelly saw me in a dress especially a short one and this is also the only time Kelly has ever worn a tux. This was before our prom....

People were actually really surprised because do you supposed the tomboy and the mechanic dressed up much....nope me thinks not! Actually my dad paid for Kelly's tux rental and told him he was going to wear one because Kelly thought it would be a great idea to wear a tshirt made to look like a tuxedo. Yeah dad wasn't gonna go for that! Not when he was actually gonna get his little girl in a dresss. I was really glad though that it was more in style to wear short dresses because you couldn't have cought me dead in a long formal prom not me!

I also have in my old hope chest my wedding dress...hmmm... I will have to tell that story some day we really traumatized our parents when we told them we were getting married in a week and a half and we were only 2 months out of high school.

The only other time I have worn a dressy dress and Kelly has worn a suit (which he still has and it fits him, but the dress does not fit me). We had the wedding in my parents backyard under a walnut tree...oh there is so much more to that I said another time!

A couple of other people have posted pictures of items they wore when they had their children and these overalls in the picture below lasted for all of my kids and I wore it to the hospital and home after each one as well. It is still in my closet because it was my favorite thing to wear and brings back memories of when I was pregnant with my kids...

So there you go nothing really old or anything but things I have had awhile that mean alot to me.

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Wendy said...

Loved reading this and can't wait to hear the wedding story!! SOunds like a good one!! Boy, to rummage through memoried huh? Love the posts below. Have to read all the way through them in the morning, as it is getting late. So, I will comment on those tomorrow!! Thanks!

Steffi said...

I enjoyed to read it and nice stories of memories.It´s always very interesting to see old pictures.Your photo of your wedding is really nice!You looks very beautiful.
Yes,I had save money for a expensive jacket too as I was a teenager like you.My parents want not pay it...Nice memories!

PortraitofPeter said...

How sweet - the wedding photo and of your prom. Wonderful commentary throughout.

I do like to see my furniture - still is in fashion - your 1st photo - (I kinda wish I could go back to that era).

Beccy said...

Stunning pictures of you at your prom and wedding. I'd love to hear the whole wedding story!

ChrisB said...

The picture in the baby dress is so cute. You are so like my daughters they went through the baggy clothes stage and now it's my grandson. I so love the look of your wedding dress, as you can see us nosey bloggers are longing to hear the story, you've made reference to it before so don't keep us in suspense for too long.

frannie said...

ok- dish on the wedding story, woman. and I can totally tell that we are about the same age, by the clothes and the cutains!

Debbie said...

Wow. I would have freaked, too, if I were your parents. 2 months out of high school! It looks like it all turned out really well in the end, though. The wedding photo is beautiful. :)

Heather said...

great pics Terri!
THanks for sharing them with us your blogger friends!! I haven't posted in awhile.... been super busy the last few days... talk to you later

Robin said...

You look GREAT in a dress! Even if you've only worn them a few times. Baggy clothes, what was up with that? I did it, too, but I'd kill for the legs I had ... :/.

I'm making my way through the Fun Monday list, I didn't get very far then, now I'm playing a bit of catch up.

You do know how to "bait" your readers with those upcoming posts, huh? Sounds like a story to tell!