Friday, April 20, 2007

How we met.....

So I keep promising our wedding story but I thought I would tell you how we met first. First you can view our senior picture together. We went together to get our senior pictures and wanted to get some of us together. I love this picture of us by the way its my favorite

So the story, right? I should probably get to that....
Honestly I don't know how we ended up meeting. Its strange because we had been to so many of the same places but never met. We actually met in our church youth group. We were good little Christian kids.....sort of.
Actually earlier I had been going to a different youth group but there was a big scandal. It was all about me. I know that sounds egotisticle, doesn't it. Really it was though. I had a couple of friends in the church including my best friend Hannah it was actually through her dads church that he pastored. Anyway there was a girl we were friends with and She, Hannah and I had wanted to plan a sleep over but the youth leaders wife decided to tell the other girls mom some terrible lies about me. I had talked to her husband about a lot of things because there were a lot of things that had happened when I was growing up and being a teenager it was all kind of hitting me at once. He told his wife (which he never should have done) and she told this other person but took some major liberties on it and said some other things that were really bad and totally false making me look like someone I was not. I was actually a really good Christian at the time to so this was a major blow. Hannahs dad did the right thing with the couple as I was close to Hannahs whole family and he was very upset about it. Actually the youth group broke up because everyone in the group was so upset by this.
I had known about this other church that we had actually visited for events with the other group and wanted to try there. I was really hurt at the time and the youth group helped me.
The first time I went to this youth group though there was this group of bigger boys picking on a much smaller boy who was a freshman. They wrapped the boy in duct tape set him on a piano bench and were getting ready to tape him to the wall when the youth leader came in and broke it up. Umm this was the first time I saw he wasn't the little boy :(! He was kind of the ring leader! I thought he was a jerk. Little did I know....
Apparently he noticed me the same time and liked me from then on but actually had a girlfriend at the time and didn't have the nerve to talk to me. That was in January 1993 by April he finally got up the nerve to talk to me but we only talked a couple of times and then he left for the summer as a counselor for the youth camp.
I didn't see him all summer until we had a church picnic at the camp and we talked the whole time. I was to braindead to think much of it. Apparently I was clueless as everyone else told me they could tell he liked me. I didn't even get a clue when he told me that he broke up with his girlfriend. We saw each other again a few times and by August we actually went on our first date! We saw Robin Hood Men In Tights yeah not the most romantic or the best movie ever made but we enjoyed it! From that day on we were together all. the. time. It wasn't long after that I knew we would end up getting married.
We were 17 at the time and in the beginning of your Senior year in high school. My parents loved him. They thought he was great and he got along with my dad very well (still does). His parents.....different story. They didn't like me. I came from a different type of family. We had a nicer house and I had nice clothes. We made a little more money but my parents came from really bad backgrounds and it was always important to them that we had nice clothes. I didn't act like a snob or anything but his parents thought that because we looked like we had more money....honestly i don't really know what they thought....or still think. I know one thing. When I was talking to his dad once about divorce he told me that because my parents had been married before each other that they shouldn't have gotten married after divorce or had children and told me even though my parents were married that I was conceived in sin! Can you beleive that?! I was shocked. My parents had come a long way from where they started and deserved each other and their happiness not this person thinking they were bad.
Kelly also knew we would get married from the begining. He actually started telling people we were going to get married before he asked me. One day I asked him "you keep telling people we are going to get married but you haven't even asked me what I thought yet!" He asked me to marry him in that Taco Bell that day.... Yeah my hubby isn't the most romantic but he makes up for it. Of course we didn't actually tell any one.
I will tell you how we told everyone in the next post about our getting married, later.
The above picture is our prom picture. Kelly didn't want to wear a tux but my dad told him if he was taking his little girl to the prom he wearing one and gave him the money to rent it. After the prom? No we were good we went bowling with friends all in our prom dresses and tuxedos. That was a sight and I wish I had photos. Because that dress with bowling shoes? Interesting site!

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Heather said...

Hey great story Terri! I enjoyed reading as I always do on your blog... amazing how cruel some adults can be... i hate legalism!! It is so destructive and hateful!

Beccy said...

Terri, I love reading this and looking forward to part II. I just don't understand how people can make such harsh decisions about other people, and Christians as well, it doesn't sound like very Christian behaviour to me. I'm glad it didn't affect your relationship with Kelly.

PS my email address:
send me your address for those flapjacks.

PortraitofPeter said...

Terri & Kelly, what beautiful photo's and a 'deeply moving' portrayal of your starting out together.

You both have shown amazing strengths (and continue to do so) despite the cruel, insensitive, breach of trust and importantly the lies said against you.

Your achievements are there for all to see in the beautiful family you have raised and the love and unity that you all share.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful discovery of each other - a story in which dreams - can come true!!

Blessings to you all - this weekend.

That Chick Over There said...

Cute pictures! You and I must be very close in age, although I think I'm maybe a year or so older than you.

Steffi said...

Very excited story about how you meet your Kelly!Very interesting to read and I enjoyed it!Your life is so excited.
Your pictures are sooo cute to see!

Have a nice weekend!

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Cool story.

Waiting for the next part.

amy said...

Just stumbled on your blog and I am so glad I did! Nice story

frannie said...

love the story!

and judgemental people SUCK!

I am so glad you two found each other and have made it work so well!

ChrisB said...

Terri I'm just catching up on my reading we've been waiting to hear your story this first instalment is so sweet.
Like everyone else I can never understand how some who are supposed to Christians are so judgmental.
Looking forward to hearing more.