Sunday, April 01, 2007

A park or two and way to many pictures!

Okay it can be said I post way to may pictures but alas I am a picture taking freak!

The weather cooperated today and while the hubby and Izzak went out to check out yet another truck. I decided to take the kids to the park. We went to one park for awhile but the kids decided they were bored of that one and we came home and went to another park umm but it wasn't much different from the first so I don't really understand the being bored here lets go to this one excuse but I was into the park thing today and went along with it.

Maddie is spinning in these pictures you can tell by her hair, can't you?

Spinning can be fun but big brother Joshua doesn't always know when to stop so Maddie unfortunatly wasn't feeling well for awhile, apparently she inherited our motion sickness problem, but she had fun while she was doing so that makes it okay, right?Kenzie didn' t get sick but spinning to much can make for a very hairy mess when your hair is so long!

Madisons latest thing when going to a park is trying to do the monkey bars at the first park they had swings though and those are a little more difficult

Kenzie and Joshua did pretty well with them though.

The other park had the more normal bars so those were a lot easier for Madison.

5 people had something to say:

PortraitofPeter said...

Great to see all the kids enjoying themselves in the park - plenty of things to occupy them too.

But, how come we don't see Mum try any of the obstacle course??

Do enlighten us - please!!

Great photo's.

my4kids said...

portraitofpeter-I do play on the equipment along with the kids just no pictures. I was made sick right along with Madison when i let the kids spin me as well.

ChrisB said...

Lovely little video. You were obviously having a great day in the park.

Steffi said...

It sounds you all had a great day!It´s nice to see your kids!Kenzie is a cute girl too and I think she is a quiet girl.Isn´t it?Madison is more a little wild girl?
Lovely video!

Debbie said...

I love park pictures. They seem to make the best setting for photos. Some great action shots with the kids. :)