Monday, April 02, 2007

Izzak at 7

When Izzak was he started taking hockey lessons and he was actually very good. He picked up the hockey skates with no problem. Unfortunatly he only did it for about a year because they closed the rink.

Izzak went hunting with his dad for the first time. I love this picture of them they look so happy together.
I have lots of these kinds of pictures of Izzzak running in the waves at the beach I just love the way they look with the ocean behind him! He has always been my water baby and loves the ocean like his momma. The other kids aren't as excited about it at least not like he is.
Along with the Hockey skating he got roller blades for his 7th birthday and loved that even more then the skate board.
Izzak also started 2nd grade this year. We moved schools this year as we had moved to a new house. I hoped that the new school would be helpful with trying to figure out Izzaks problems they kept assuring me he was behind but okay, I wasn't convinced though when I heard from his teacher that when it was reading or writing time he frequently climbed under his desk and cried. He hated it that much. By this year he really hated school but I didn't know what I could do. I tried to push but apparently not hard enough. Izzak had been a very social kid when younger and seemed to be loosing some of that especially with his peers it was the beginning of some very frustrating years....which by the way haven't stopped yet.

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Wendy said...

Wow! You were a fast commenter! My husband found a spelling error so I got back on to fix it. Mispelled my own son's name. Duh. Having a great time reading about Izzak!! Pretty cool idea!!

Heather said...

Wow! I could be reading about my own child! It makes me wanna cry when I read about it and think how awful is must have been for him and how awful it is for my daughter. I'm hopeful that we can work these issues out and at least find some way to work with them.Thanks for sharing... It looks like you've steered me in the right direction... I don't think our meeting has been by chance.
thanks again

Emma in Canada said...

I hope there is an end in sight to the frustrating years! I know the feeling well.

Allen Family said...

Great beach pictures. Looks like you were having fun. I have been to busy dealing with sick kids to hang out on the beach. Have some fun for me. By the way....Do you have a new hair style? I like it!!!

PortraitofPeter said...

How wonderful to see Izzak - through the years and to see a real "Action Man" come true!!

All your great photo's are a treasure to see and your journals such a wonderful read of Izzak through the years.

Thanks for sharing. Perhaps a poem can be achieved too!!

nailgirl24 said...

Sorry I haven't commented busy. Great pics love hearing about the kids. Thanx for sharing.

ChrisB said...

Another lovely pictorial year.

scribbit said...

He looks like he'd fit right in with Spencer and David--maybe once you're up in Anchorage we'll have to get them together at a park or something.

my4kids said...

Wendy I get a notice on my email when I get a comment and will usually go check for a new post on the other blog that is why so quick!

Heather, I don't think it is by chance either!

Emma, I wish I could see an end to the frustrating years but so far it seems to only be getting worse.

Jennifer, that is an old hair style. but thank you.

Peter, I always like your comments they are always so nice. He is an action guy and hard to hold back, he will try anything.

Nailgirl, its quite alright.

Thank you Chrisb.

Scribbit, I would love to get in touch with you when we move to Alaska. I think our kids would enjoy each other especial my 2 and your 2 boys! It would be nice to have someone I knew up there with kids!

Steffi said...

Wow...Izaak on ice!Cool!
Yes,Izaak looks really happy on the picture with his dad!

Debbie said...

HeHe sure does look like he loves the water. How lovely. :0)

I truly hope your struggles with Izzac ease soon for you. From what you've written he seems like an energetically creative boy.

It seems that ones that give us the most challenges in childhood grow up to be more extraordinary adults. That is if we support them as children which it sounds like you're doing. One day this will all pay off for you, I'm sure. Little comfort when you're in the middle of one of life's trials, though, I know. :)