Tuesday, September 05, 2006

School started on 9/5

So 3 of the kids started school on 9/5 Izzak is now officially a middle schooler oh I can't beleive it he's (of course I mean I'm) not ready for middle school yet! He has 8 different classes 4 of them a day how is he going to remember all of that! I guess this brings back my bad memories of middle school can you tell I really hated it! I was in a different school in a new city/town for both years so I was always the new kid.
Izzak so far seems to be doing well with it though which brings a definite sigh of releif for me I was really dreading it for him but I think it will be okay he is a different kid then I am.
Joshua started 4th grade and has the same teacher as Izzak did last year for 5th grade I thought when we moved in the middle of last year that it would take longer then that for them to have teachers in common but apparently I was wrong. It really bothers me though Joshua and Izzak have had the same teachers every year so far except Kindergarten. The boys are so different from each other and teachers seem to always be comparing.
These boys if you didn't know they were brothers you really wouldn't know it they are so different from each other in looks and size and personality poor Izzak has problems with his learning where as Joshua is extremely inteligent if not to inteligent for his own good he really knows how to pull the wool over peoples eyes though. Don't get me wrong I love my son but when his teacher on the second day of school told me he was a great student I couldn't help but think "oh just wait, it'll come". Is that a bad thing?
McKenzie is doing well I worry though her teacher has cancer and I know people with cancer need to work also if they can but it seems like a hard lesson for a group of 7 yr olds if things don't go well for her and Kenzie constantly talks about her losing her hair, I just worry about her really liking her teacher and something going wrong and it affecting Kenzie to much she really is one of those kids who are really in tune with people and gets very attached to people so I hope all goes well.
Maddie on the other hand things don't seem to be going quite as well she started her first day on 9/7. She is a very independant kid and really likes to do things on her own time, such as eating, walking oh just about everything. Her first big issue on her first day was the fact she wasn't able to finish her lunch and the teacher didn't let her keep her left overs for later Maddie may be a very slow eater but she likes he food and don't be the person who keeps her from it she was very upset. Her teachers name is Mrs Hellman and Madison calls her Mrs Hell Man or Mrs Hell Lady (as she is a lady and according to 5yr old logic a woman can't be a man) we are trying to get her to not do that so much but she like I said is very strong willed.
Above is a pic of Maddie on her first day of Kindergarten, isn't she the cutest thing?