Wednesday, November 22, 2006

One week since surgery

So it has been a week since I had surgery on my elbow. The arm is good, a little sore, but I am sad.

Why am I sad? Well because I know I only get another week till I have to go back to work and I really don't want to! I was a stay at home mom for 8 years before I went to work. The main reason I can't quit is the medical insurance and with the kids and my problems, well Kelly's insurance is not at all good enough cover much and has higher monthly premiums and you pay 20% for anything and some of the things we have done on a regular basis just would leave us so unstable financially it isn't funny. I was reading miraclebabyb's blog today about the stay at home moms job consisting of mostly one thing (washing, everything) and ended up feeling a little jealous. Don't take that wrong Becci, please, or anyone else it is not meant that way at all. I hate working, I don't most of the time enjoy the adult company (a lot because I don't usually have much in common),

I mean I have my friends but it's not the same. When I was home with my kids I know they were so much happier, the house was cleaner, moms was happier, and they always knew I would be home when they got there not their Uncle Zac ( who I really do appreciate but he is not mom).
Also issues that have come up this week, like Izzak breaking his arm, if I was at home I would be trying to get okay's from my boss to miss so much work and I wouldn't have been home the day he came home after school complaining that his arm hurt and telling me what happened.

We had to get the school Police (which is the Portland Police just there job is the schools) involved this week starting on Monday because the kid who broke his arm obviously didn't learn anything from his 2 day suspension (or should I say 4 day weekend) and came the first day on Monday telling Izzak he had faked a broken arm and harrassing him at school and having several other kids as well which wound up with some kid who lives on our block actually threatening him with very foul language outside our door when he was trying to play with his little sister in the front yard. The school wouldn't do anything so we had to get the Police involved to let these kids know just how serious it is and let them know that Izzak could file charges against the boy that hit him.

Anyway I am always fighting to get days off of work because my kids need to see yet another one of their drs and I hate having to fight for it. It should never be a fight! Not to mention my kids let me know how much they hate me going to work on a regular basis.

Oh well I need to go and stop this rant there is so much more I could say but people would just get bored and probably stop reading anyway........
Hopefully I will be in a better mood tomorrow or when I write again.

We are going to Washington to visit with a friend of ours for Thanksgiving I am really looking forward to that!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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