Monday, June 30, 2008

Going through photos

So I've been going through some pictures from when I was gone that a friend took of the kids. On this day they were at a block party for our church. Does it look to you like they were having fun??

Joshua always the rebel naturally he is going down headfirst....the wrong way!

So anyway I am really planning on trying to post more again. I really let things slide and don't really have a reason for it. Honestly a lot of time on the computer before my trip had been spent researching homeschool materials and curriculumn for the kids this up coming school year. I am looking forward to it and I was really stressing about what I was going to use but I not doing that so much anymore. I have most of it figured out now. Just a few things left to put together!

Oh and for Kila. Joshua season started in March for baseball. There are only 5 total teams on the island so the season doesn't really go on for to long, also they play probably 4 nights a week at least during the season. If they go to long into the summer they don't have enough boys to play since they are all going to the same summer camps and many go away on family vacations.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baseball season is over

So baseball season is over for Joshua. They didn't have a great season only won like 4 games but they learned a lot. This was Joshua's first year playing and he really learned his strengths and weaknesses over the season. He has a hard time hitting the ball so that is something he is going to work on for sure.

This was his baseball picture for the year. I think he looks awful cute, personally. Does anyone notice his hair is short? Yep he made me cut it all off but now he is growing it back.

He definetly improved though with his stance and watching the ball. He no longer swings at everything that comes by him

He started the season in the outside left field since he wasn't catching very well. They played is some very nasty weather as you can almost see in this picture where there is standing water on the field since we live in a rain forest they play no mater the weather. The only time they cancel a game is when the wind is so hard it blows the balls back and hitter when he hits!

He ended the year as a center fielder when they found out he had a really good arm and he started catching balls. Over the winter they are planning to do baseball clinics before the next season and they want to start working with Joshua so he can pitch next year. They say he has a really strong arm which is why they put him where they did since he can get the ball far.

So even though they didn't have a great year he has improved a lot himself and they just might stand a chance next year with more practice!

Also sorry again for the long period of quiet. I actually got back home a week ago Friday and my parents were here so we were busy with that and lots of games for Joshua and then a couple of days into it I got really sick and was in bed for 4 days straight. I'm just now coming out of it now after not being able to eat or drink for that long either so I'm a bit weak at the moment. Kenzie is down in Portland with my parents for a couple weeks or so. I'm really anxious for when she does get back and we get back to everything as "normal" or as normal as we get around here anyway! Joshua and Madison are going to camp this week so just Izzak, it should be pretty quiet here this week sounds great to me! Then next week Connor comes for a couple of weeks to visit.....ahh summer......

I promise more pics to come very soon.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Headed Home!

Ok sorry about not posting more while I was on my trip. I really had planned on it but have been really busy here.

I fly home today with Madison and my parents are coming back with us for 7 days to see where we live and visit with the other kids. After that they will be taking Kenzie with them for a couple of weeks. I'm not looking forward to her being gone now!

Anyway I have a lot of things and pictures to share to catch up but will have to make you all wait a tiny bit longer then I will be back!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Thanks all and what is going on here.

First of all I wanted to thank everyone for you comments on my last post. It was a hard time for the family. She was young....too young in my opinion but that is not something that is up to us to decide is it? She was only 34 and newly married really just getting started in her life you know? It's just sad. She was only diagnosed in March so it went really quick. They think she had the breast cancer for a couple of years actually and didn't realize it. It had already spread to her liver and her bones when it was found. All I can say is please girls check yourself and have regular exams to check for this please......cancer is just a horrible way to go.....

The whole trip hasn't been horrible though really. Here is a pic from the plane window when we were coming down here.

Those are other islands in Alaska.

The kinda of nice thing about how things happened when they did is that Kelly and I got to spend about a week and a half with just Madison and each other. I know she really enjoyed it and it was nice to be able to just pay attention to her alone at times as well.

We did manage to fit some things in in between going to the hospital everyday and then helping plan and and going to the memorial. One thing we did was go to a new museum they opened since we have been gone that has a lot of old airplanes and automobiles. Kelly really gets into that stuff so we go to go there and he loved it and got to try his camera out a bit.

Madison was actually pretty interested in things as well and really liked looking at things and asking ALOT of questions...:)
We also got to go to some of the old places we used to go on drives to including this rest area we always enjoyed for it's view.

You know the view is always best with a cute 7 year old in it!

We also took her to the trout farm near the dam. She has always liked feeding the fish.

One of the things about Kellys sister is she was very into artsy type things and often handmade all of her gifts something we enjoyed receiving from her and I still have many if not all of the gifts she has made me over the years. When we were planning things for her funeral and memorial the family was on a pretty tight budget. Her husband wasn't working much and didn't make much and her father would have to take out a loan. When looking into a casket they decided to get a fairly plain one and decorate it for her like so many of her gifts to us. She would have thought is was a great idea and one of the things we did was to have her siblings and the kids put there handprints on it before having it taken to the funeral home for her to be put in. I thought it was a bit odd at first but it really came out nice and the girls loved to doing it. I think it was a help for them because they asked a lot of questions later about it.

We did manage to get to go to the fireworks. It was actually really nice since the day before was when she died. It was nice to be able to take our minds off of it for awhile.

Madison of course got her face painted like she did last year....

And we met up with Kellys other sister Gloria

His brother Josh's girls Aidan

and Kayla and the girls got to eat some fair treats

and then we all got to enjoy the fireworks!

Sorry I know the picture isn't very good but it was hard to get them right.

Then last week Madison and I walked with my friend Hannah is the Jr Rose Festival parade and the MOPS (moms with preschoolers) group. Madison thought that was pretty cool since she has seen lots of parades but never actually been in one!

Here she is walking with my friends 3 year old Emily.
Then after that we went to Hannahs mothers house and visited and got to see her little guy Simon. He is almost 2 and has gotten so big since I left!

Anyway I hope to post a little more regularly we have a couple of big things we are going to do before we go back the Alaska in a week and half so I will make sure to post quicker on those so that I don't have to do another huge one like this.