Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Izzaks 8th year

Age 8 was a good year for the boy as you go through the picture you will see how much he loves water. We really couldn't get him out of it that summer.

I babysat my friends kids during the summer and took her kids to swim lessons. I wasn't a member of the club though but they didn't care if my kids played in the kiddie pool.

We went on another camping trip with a lot of our friends and the cousins and Izzak practically lived in the river while we were there.
Izzak got more involved in our church group called the Royal Rangers and made his first pine car for the pine car derby. He won second place this year!

Isn't he a cool kid in his shades when we are once again at the beach?
While I was going through pictures for Izzak I found this one of Madison the same year. She had been diagnoses as cross eyed and had a lazy eye to boot so she wore bifocals and patched.

Isn't she cute? She looks all smart......

So we still fought the school this year he was now in the 3rd grade and all the same problems but fought me on testing since the original screen when he was in 1st they didn't do a good test and said they didn't think it was that bad.

So I am not as full of words today. I am in kind of a crappy mood after my FIL came over today. Not sure why he came. He is one of those people who will argue no matter what and thinks he knows everything. He decided to argue with me about Izzaks learning disabilities. He tried to insist the drs (yes drs) are wrong and he doesn't have a memory problem. Well geez he must know it all right? He also thinks he knows how Izzak needs to be tought. Gee why didn't I just have all the specialist talk to him in the first place??? I don't know why I don't just walk away he is one of those people who just likes to argue and only makes themselves look stupid..

Anyway after a comment I made on my Fun Monday post people are asking for our wedding story. I will get to it but probably next week. I need to pull some things out for it and I will tell all..

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PortraitofPeter said...

What a wonderful posting of Izzak at 8 years - Izzak has shown his creativity too - luv the pine car - and Congratulations to him for winning 2nd.

Water is great for kids and Izzak is like a duck to water - as all your photo's show.

How cruel some folk can be (FIL) one always has a relative - who is a pain in the neck - right answers for everything and likes to dictate their superior status - I had one like that - until I told her I was seriously considering having her "Sectioned under the Mental Health Act" - she kept a low profile after that.

You and your hubby can be so very proud of your achievements and love for your chldren - which is evident to see in all your blogs.

Keep Smiling

Blessings to you all.

frannie said...

gee, Terri- did you not know that FIL's are given all the knowledge in the world about grandsons???? what a pain to put up with!

and, if I ever make it over there, you better lock up little Maddie. I may just have to put her in my pocket and take her home! :)

Debbie said...

I have a water baby, too. My daughter. We call her our little fish. My son enjoys the water, but he's more cautious. When we g to the beach he spends most of his time on the sand creating sand structures.

How irritating about your FIL. I hope he learns to back off.

ChrisB said...

It must be an uphill struggle having to fight family as well as the the system.

Steffi said...

It´s always interesting to see how Izaak is grow from year to year...

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog...enjoyed reading about your family.
God Bless!

Jocelyn said...

I love these photos of your kids--so lovely.

And darn that FIL.

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Looking forward to hearing your story.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Gerbil said...

ARGH! I hate it when people have to argue stuff because they don't want to accept the answer.