Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Had a couple appointments

So sorry to not be posting much lately. I still don't have my internet up yet so that doesn't help. Hopefully it will be back up very soon since we called yesterday and paid off the bill. They said it would be on by the 9th and I am hopping it is on much quicker. I really miss my internet. Also I am not able to check on the other sites I frequent quite as much as I would like and I feel like I am missing something. That I and I miss posting pictures.

So back to the title we had a couple of appointments yesterday. First was McKenzie to see her gi doctor and we have decided to try to see if it is a lactose intolerance. So this week we are taking her off of all dairy products and then over the weekend we will give her as much as she wants and see how she reacts. Basically if she gets the tummy problems this weekend after eating them, then that is a pretty good guarantee that she is lactose intolerant. If we don't realy notice a difference then we will do a lactose breath hydrogen test to see for sure. I am sure she would be fun for that test though since she can't eat or drink anything for 8 hours prior. This girl loves her water so that could be hard. So my delima is first of all we eat a lot of dairy at our house since we eat cheese at a lot of meals they also like things like sour cream and Kenzie really likes milk and chocolate milk so we will have to figure out how to do things a little different at least for this week. Also since she is in school I am really hoping she remembers to not have milk in the morning, she takes lunch to school but the school provides breakfasts free and the kids like to go for that (even though they will occasionally eat breakfast at home). I could call the school and inform them to help make sure that doesn't happen but with past experience they are not very good about that. I suppose I should just be glad she isn't deathly allergic to any foods or I would really be worried. I am glad we are working on trying to figure things out again and not doing the whole some kids are like that thing any more because I wasn't really comfortable with that. I love my dr but Kenzie is just kind of a weird patient and hard to pull information out of for both me and the dr, she is not comfortable with telling people about her bowel habits to the point I have to really talk to her to get information. If she is lactose intolerant I will have to really think things out a bit more to figure out how to adjust what we eat so that there isn't dairy in every meal which is about how it is right now. Any ideas? She loves the typical foods like mac and cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches which are her favorite foods. She always orders those when we go out to a restaurant.

Izzak was the other appointment yesterday and it was for his IEP meeting. I was really dreading it because I wasn't going to be able to have Kelly go with me. If you ever need to go to one of these keep in mind that you want to have someone with you. Fortunatly the meeting went well though and I was happy with the results after the meeting. Izzak is really doing well with this new semester. The teachers say his attitude has changed 180 degrees and he is doing great right now on trying to do his work in class and asking for help when he needs it. I think the fact that the two kids he had problems in the year not being in his classes anymore has really helped. They decided to keep up with what they are doing with him right now and make sure that is all in his lesson plan since he is doing so well and he is actually getting a special recognition at school soon for bringing up his grades and improving his attitude so much! I am really happy about all that right now and it helps that the Special Ed teacher is friends with a former Spec Ed teacher he had before who was extremely helpful then because she wants to take more from some of her ideas to help him. So Melanie when I told you the other night that I was worried about the meeting and going alone, it actually worked out really well and they really allowed Izzak to take part in it this time which they haven't done before but I think is really important since he is the one we are talking about.

On the other hand as I was writing this out I had to stop for awhile because I got a call from the schoole and Madison has had another accident at school. I mean honestly is it really hard for her teacher to make sure she goes every hour? They know she has a medical problem and I have asked them to make sure she goes because she can't tell but apparently its to much for them to do. It is just frustrating because then I have to figure out how to get her home or new clothes because it is hard to make sure they always have clothes for her since they won't let her keep them in the classroom or her back pack, they want her to take them to the office and she just doesn't want to do that and I can't just check her back pack to make sure there are clothes in there.

Anyway other then that we had a good weekend we went to Emily's 2nd birthday party and she is just to cute for words. It really makes me miss when the kids were that little! Also we went to Kennedy's to play again. Melanie and I talked a long time and I ended up getting home way after 9 but it was worth it Mel! I really love talking with you. It really is nice to have someone to talk to who understands some of the issues and feelings I deal with although some of our issues are very different health wise they both give us a different view on some things that some of my other friends just don't understand, especially when it comes to the learning disabilities.

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Allen Family said...

Reading your blog makes my life seem to have so much less problems than yours. I am sorry....but you are building up my self esteem. I got to give u credit for managing your crazy life.

Jennifer Allen