Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hello there

So again it has been a few days since I posted again because once again I am a bad mother. I can't post from home because I am doing really well with my bills lately and forgot the phone/internet bill as well and they can get the phone turned on right away but somehow it takes a week get the internet turned back on. Apparently I am a little absent minded lately!

We had a good weekend this week that was nice. On Saturday the boys went to a friends house for the day and we decided to go on a drive with just the girls. They seemed to enjoy that and it was very quiet compared to when we usually go with all 4 kids. The girls don't fight as much with the boys gone, they actually play pretty well. On Sunday we had a great visit with my friend Melanie . Melanie is Kennedy's mom (here link and pic are on my links list) who has been fighting leukemia for over a year and a half now. She has a son named Austin who is the same age as Joshua so the boys had a great time and are still working on convincing me we should go this weekend as well. I would love to but I have no idea what is going on this weekend other then a birthday party for little Emily who is turning 2! I have put her pictures on here a few times as well. Kennedy and the girls, especially Maddie, played great together and I have a really cute picture of Kennedy and Maddie pushing around little carts at the grocery store on Sunday when they helped us go shopping. As soon as I get my computer back up I will have to post that picture. Kelly even came and I can quite figure out how I managed to get the anti-social hubby of mine to go when he hadn't met any of them yet, but he actually enjoyed himself and was social after the first few moments. Austin has a go-cart and the boys can't stop talking about it.

On Monday we had Izzaks first choir concert. I enjoyed Izzaks group mostly because I love seeing my son so comfortable on stage but the teacher I don't think really picked out very good songs for then to sing. Since the boys are all sixth graders they still sound like girls when they sing and some of the parts really needed to have a different tone to it. Izzak was really funny though and we ended up calling him the yawning man. I don't know what they expect on a school night at 7 o'clock but he was already tired after that since he had a long day of school. I have some cute pictures from it though also and will post those later.

I am a little frustrated at work this week. I had been yelled at by 2 different pts using foul language by Tuesday and that really screws up my mood. I also have my annual review this friday and I am totally not looking forward to it so please be thinking of me. I am just having a really hard time at work right now. I just don't want to be there lately and being there only makes that thought stronger. Nothing against the people I am working with just the daily business of what I do gets to you after awhile. That and I just want to be my kids mother and and my husbands wife. I don't feel I can do that well enough and work at the same time, its like I look around the house and get reminded that I am failing something and if only I was there I might be able to catch up, right? I know I have never been the cleanest person around the house but I still think I could do a better job and be more available to doing things with my children. I am more cranky this week though because I have a cold or allergies I can't quite figure it out but I have a bad headache. Anyway I will write more later and hopefull get some pics up soon!

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