Thursday, February 15, 2007

Some Good Some Bad

So the good news today is that Izzak had his appt with the burn dr today and he said his burn on his leg is healing great! Better then they were expecting it to and he definetly will not need to get skin grafts! What a relief, we really needed that news. He is doing a little better pain wise and is walking a little more without the crutches already but is on crutches all day at school.

Kelly had his arbitration meeting with the lawyers and the insurance company today also and everything is now settled granted we are getting less then we had originally anticipated but the judge said that we got more then she has been seeing some people get as the insurance companies are more and more trying to dwindle down to next to nothing for car accidents. I understand in some cases as I know there are a lot of frivilous cases but Kelly did really injure his back and it does restrict some of his ability to do his job and leaves him with alot of pain. We are able to get the money though in the next 2-3 weeks and then we will get things ready for him to leave for Alaska where he will get a job up there (we know for a fact he will not have a problem getting one).

The kids and I will stay here for about 6-8 months before we go up. We decided this because of several reasons.

One I don't want to pull them out of school in the middle of the year. Since I grew up with my dad in the Navy I frequently left schools to start a new one in the middle of the year and it was really hard. I told myself and Kelly I would never do this to the kids unless absolutly necessary and we already had to do it last year so I don't want to do it again.

Second I want him to be established with his job long enough to feel comfortable with it.

Third we absolutly can't go any length of time without insurance and since many jobs have waiting periods before insurance starts and of course most insurance plans have additional waiting periods for pre-existing conditions which both Kenzie and I have that are conditions we cannot go without medication or treatment for. Since my job now has good insurance I will stay here with my job and insurance until his becomes active.

Fourth reason this gives me a lot of time to adjust to the idea of moving away and getting many necessary things taken care of before we leave. Packing is one obviously. I also need to get copies of all the kids birth certificates, I can't find all of their social security cards which we will need to have also and I want to get copies of all of our medical records from each of our drs and Izzaks records for his learning disabilities to hand carry with me so that I don't have to wait once we are up there for them to arrive from various drs here. That way we will be less likely have lapses in any care or medications we need to get taken care of by any new drs we get when we get there.

Okay so for the bad stuff. In my last post I said that the girls seemed to be feeling better. Apparently for Kenzie I was speaking to soon. She is worse now and has the vomiting and diahrea back with a vengence. It never really seemed to go away completely but she was acting better so I thought we were over it. Today she is pretty uncomfortable and her tummy is hurting her a lot more she was crying earlier. I spoke to the on call dr and he said to try to keep her up on fluids and bring her in tomorrow to have her dr see her. She always seems to get the worse of things and I really hate it when she gets sick like this. She has a slight fever only about 99.5 but it is pretty constant. I will take her in tomorrow though and post if her dr has any other concerns.

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Steffi said...

Good to hear the news about Izaak.And I wish your girls all the best and that they be soon healthy again.