Tuesday, February 20, 2007

6 things about MEME

So Becci tagged me and I have to tell you 6 weird things about myself. Honestly I don't think I am weird though, really its the rest of the world that is strange, I'm normal, lol.

1. Like Becci I am a seperate eater. I can't have other people get my food either because they may not get it quite right. I eat my food in certain orders usually the fruit or vegetable, then the rice or potatoe and meat last. They don't touch because I don't like to mix flavors I want to enjoy each food by itself. I don't really like cassarole type foods much either. To many different types of food touching I actually will pick different things out of it to eat in order. I am like this with pies also. I will eat the topping, then the filling and crust last. I have always done that and Kelly thinks I am really weird because he likes to throw all his food into one pile and eat it that way. My food no touchy! That is bad!

2. When I go to a Restaurant I always order the same thing. I can't try anything new. When I go to a new retaurant I will usually stick with something that is a favorite at another restaurant also. This makes for a very limited variety but what if I don't like it? Yeah Kelly thinks that is weird also he always likes to try something different but says at least it is easy for him to order for me.

3. One thing that people think is weird is that I have this issue with toilet lids being up. I am not at all the best housekeeper in the world but the toilet lid is always down. I close toilet lids at peoples houses when I am over (don't be offended it is just me). Since we are moving we have been looking online at houses for sale and I automatically notice in the pictures of bathrooms if the toilet lid is up and it really bothers me. The kids find this funny and will point it out immediatly if they see it, then laugh and pick on mommy. Kelly hates this because for some reason he thinks toilet lid should be up. Although since my occasions for falling in the toilet when hugely pregnant with Izzak he at least make sure the seat is down, but he loves to tell the story.

4. I get lost easily even going places that I have been to several times. It is really bad and one reason Kelly makes me carry a cell phone with me. I also can't give decent instructions on how to get anywhere. I follow the same path when I go places just in case because I know if I go a different way I will surely get lost.

5. I am scared to death of bridges! I live in Portland which has a river that runs through it and to get to the other side of town or into downtown you have to cross a bridge. Partly I think it has to do with the fact I grew up in California and we always talked about and had at least little earthquakes. I am totally convinced that I will be on a bridge one day when we have the big one they keep talking about here in Oregon. I will go out of my way to stay away from bridges though. The worst was when my car died on one of the biggest bridges here during rush hour. I was convinced every time a semi drove by that it was the big one and had a total panic attack!

6. Okay and the one that most people think is crazy is that I would love to have been able to have more kids. I know 4 is considered a lot these days but even with my difficult pregnancies I loved being pregnant and I really love my kids even when they are driving me nuts.

Okay I don't know who to tag with this one either I think everyone else already did.

2 people had something to say:

Debbie said...

I like the thought you put into these. I did this one awhile back and just quickly shot off 6 quirky little things. Like I can make my ears wiggle without touching them. :)

I can relate to #4. I get lost all of the time as well. I need directions to a place several times before I remember how to get there. I jokingly say that I could get lost in a parking lot. Seriously, though. Those huge parking lots with several stores in them with a bunch of one way roads branching off! I've drove in circles a couple of times trying to find my way out.

my4kids said...

Debbie I seriously can get lost in a parking lot like you said if it is a big one with lots of stores. I am glad I am not the only one. I used to have a friend who could wiggle their ears, hehe. It took me a few days to do this to put the thought into it.