Friday, February 16, 2007

Kenzies appt

So I took Kenzie in today to see her dr since she has been sick for a full week now. He said he has been seeing a lot of people with the flu most are 24 hour stomach bugs but some are lasting longer then that and she tends to stay sick longer when she gets sick. She is a little dehydrated but not bad enough to do anything other then try to push more fluids. Also I was right when I said in the last post that she looked to me like she had lost some weight. She lost about 3.5 pounds which when you only weighed 54 to begin with is a lot. He feels she will gain it back fine once she gets over this. If she gets worse over the weekend or is still sick I am to give him a call. So nothing to big from that appt which is good I just needed someone to tell me she was okay. All her vitals are basically normal she has a elevated temp but nothing to be to worried about. Especially when you consider she is the child who will pop up with a 104 temp randomly with no other symptoms and no one can ever find a reason for it.

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Debbie said...

3 1/2 lbs is like 6% of her body weight - that sure would make a difference. I hope she feels better soon.