Monday, February 26, 2007

More Pictures of the soon to be 12 year old

I really am enjoying this new scanner of mine it is a big project and I am trying to get all of the kids regular pictures scanned so that I can put them on discs at "back up"

I love his little hat in this picture, it was exactly like his dads.

Here is daddy trying trying to feed Izzak his baby food, Izzak wasn't done but really thought it was funny to hold on to his spoons like this. He had so many teeth already at 8 months he got a really good grip on it and was hard to pull out!

This one is part of the one in the other post where Izzak was sitting in the dirt. He also liked to get rides in Papa's wheelbarrow. It's funny to look at this picture though. My dad is so much grayer now! And the glasses just look huge.

We are doing good this week. So far no illnesses, yipee. I am going to hold my breath though, we still have two more days left of February to get through without any major incident. So far everyone is healthy, enough. I do have my infusion this week but that is the only appt comming up. For anyone not sure about the infusion. I don't metabolize Iron from eating or taking iron suplements so I have a port in my chest and get iron infusions every 4 weeks. Really its great fun. Not!

I will soon be done with Izzaks pictures and start Joshua, so I will share those also, he was a really cute baby as well.

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Steffi said...

Very cute pictures of Izzak especially the last picture with his dad is funny.


Beccy said...

Great pictures, I would love to get a scanner, alas we have very little room for one.

Amy W said...

Good luck with the infusion. Is it painful?

I have got to use my scanner more...

my4kids said...

Steffi, I love that one to, the one with the spoon in his mouth has always been a farorite of mine!

Beccy, We barely have room for the scanner, honestly. Our computer desk is VERY full. I have so many pictures of the kids though from before we got a digital camera and have been worrying lately about something happening to them. My friend has had two housefires in 5 years so I had been looking for a way to preserve my pictures and I will give copies of the disks to my parents.

Amy, thank you! the only part of the infusion that is painful is when they access my port which is implanted in my chest so they stick the needle in my chest instead of the arm like an IV.
I am really enjoying my scanner you should get one if you can and have a lot of regular pictures it is a fun excuse to go through them all and you get to do some playing with the pictures at the same time!

Debbie said...

Great pictures.

It's fun going down memory lane. I love looking at my kids' baby photos, and remembering what they were like. The kids like looking, too.

Allen Family said...

It is funny! I got a scanner for Christmas 2 years ago and did the same thing. I put all our pictures that we had developed over the years on the computer then on to disks. Just a piece of advice....make sure to put them on disks right away. One time I did a whole bunch and did not put them on a disk...then the computer crashed....all my good, long and hard work was down the drain. Great pictures. My oldest will be 12 this summer. I have been feeling sad about how big my first baby has become too. I am right there with you.