Friday, February 09, 2007

Bad luck/ please pray for Izzak

I am starting to wonder about Izzak he seems to be very accident prone this last year.

Wednesday is officially the worst thing any of us has ever done to injure themselves. He spilled a full bowl of very hot Top Ramen right out of the microwave all over his left leg. Then he was worried he would get in trouble which we think has to do with his anxiety and comprehension skills and didn't tell us for almost 6 hours when it started to hurt. I feel like a terrible mom why would he be worried about telling us something like that? I mean he wasn't doing anything wrong.....

Anyway when he showed me it covered the whole top front part of his thigh and wraps around the sides. Obviously I about freaked (to myself so not to scare him) it was horrible and I couldn't figure out how he had gotten around without us noticing. I took straight to the ER to have it checked out and they covered it in Silvadene cream and several layers of gauze and ace bandage and refered us to the burn clinic at Emanuel hospital the next day.

At the burn center the dr looked at his burn and said he had bad second degree burns large areas in the center of the burn are bad enough that he may need skin grafting but we wont know for a couple of weeks as the dr wants to give him a chance to heal on his own first to see if his body can regenerate without grafting but he is not sure he will.

Izzak is in quite a bit of pain right now and needs his dressings changed twice a day which can be painful for him also, he is afraid of taking showers right now as he is worried about the pain. We will be taking him to the burn clinic every week now for awhile until the dr either decides it is healed or needing skin grafts and after that for follow up and he will need to wear some compression around the leg for at least a year to help with the scarring to help his skin to not be to tight as he moves and grows. This will be a long healing process for him.

Also in the same 24 hours I found out I am getting my paycheck garnished, Kelly found out that they are going for much less on the settlement for his car accident then we had anticipated and our kitty, Mouse, was hit by a car and killed. So I am a little frustrated at the moment and feeling like a terrible mom. This poor kid has already dealt with a broken arm in the last 3 months from the incident at school in November. What else does he need?

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Steffi said...

Oh no...Sorry to hear about the terrible things about Izzak!We wish him all the best,much luck and much more health!!