Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A little better

So mommy is a little better today not quite like yesterday when I just wanted to roll over and die. I made it to work since I am not having any more throwing up or the other nasty stuff either. I felt okay most of the day but still have the body aches that went with it yesterday but those were okay with taking advil. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be over this part of it and feel a little closer to normal. I really hope so anyway.

The girls are fine today and both went to school as well they seem to be their normal happy selfs. I am very hapy about that. Sick kids are really not much fun.

Joshua had a bit of a tummy ache last night but seemed to be over it this morning so he was fine at school also.

Kelly thinks his is just nerves since he goes to court for his settlement from the car accident this week and it has him a little on edge.

Izzak seems to so far have gotten by without catching any of it as he has not had any stomach pain and is getting around a little better today even with the pain in his leg. He seems to be getting around school fine also which is really good since I was a bit worried about that.

So there we are hopefully all getting over whatever illness we had I guess I am just glad we all did it at once since the prolonged way of everyone getting after each other can get old with 6 people real quick. Fortunatly daddy did pretty well helping out yesterday since he was never feeling quite as bad as I was and normally he is the biggest baby when sick even more then the girls.

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miraclebaby said...

So when are you planning the big move? We'll sure miss you when you go!

my4kids said...

Kelly should be leaving sometime around the end possibly of March and we will follow him most likely about 6 months later.

I know I will really miss people here also.

I will continue this blog and I am going to start another one that I will tell my family about that I will talk about our experiences once we move but will be kept seperate since I personally like to have this one seperate and keep the family out of it. That way I don't have to worry about what I say in this one.