Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February is over at last!

Of course it didn't end without a bang, cause you know this month has sucked. So how did we end it? Kelly got hit in the head with a beam at work and needed 10 stitches in his head. He said that he was told it went all the way to the bone. Ouch! Anyway. Like I said the month is over lets all hope for a better one okay! Please!

I have a question though. Does anyone else have problems with getting kids to sleep at night? I know I do first of all the girls don't believe in sleeping alone. They have to be in someone else's bed. Sometimes it is there own together but not always. Like last night this is how I found Kenzie

She crawled in bed with Izzak last night. Please pay no attention to the pillow with no case. That is another thing I can't figure out. Anyway this is one of the places I find her. Of course if she is in with one of the boys that leaves Maddie who won't sleep alone either. So where is she?

Why she is in my bed of course and this is after I moved her because she thinks she needs to sleep the full length of my bed when she gets in before me. Also once I come to bed she feels the need to sleep across me. And people always wonder why I am so tired all the time? When she is in with us I end up in the middle between her and Kelly which doesn't give me a great night sleep.

And of course the worst one off all?

Why Joshua of course who looked like this at 12 am when I took these pictures. Does he look like he is going to sleep anytime soon? Ughh........

What is a mother to do to get some sleep around here? Kelly is leaving soon for Alaska and one of the main things I am not looking forward to is the fact that I know my kids will think I am lonely in bed and they will all think they should crawl in bed with me. The thing is if I didn't think they were going to do that I would be looking forward to a few months of sleeping in a king size pillowtop bed all to myself!

Here is the other picture I got of Joshua last night, just in case you weren't convinced of how awake he was

Now is this really what you want to see when trying to get to bed on a worknight when we are supposed to get up for work the next morning at 5 am.

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Beccy said...

Sounds like a tough night. I need so much sleep to function as a normal human!

Debbie said...

Oh dear. Adorable pictures, though!

We've had nights where they keep coming out of their rooms with this question or that, but they're generally pretty good about going to sleep. They never go to sleep in my bed, but I'll sometimes wake up with one of them beside me (like this morning) and not remember when they came.

I'm sorry, but I have no advice. :)

Steffi said...

Cute pictures!I had never with go sleep from my kids!They sleep only in my bed when they were sick.

Amy W said...

How is he still awake?

I feel your pain...but it is awfully cute when they sleep with us....sometimes.

my4kids said...

Beccy, It is a rough night but unfortunatly pretty normal here.

Debbie, they do that here also, you would be amazed at the things they come up with and generally that is the time of day everything hurts, my eye, back, toe, name it they have used it. At night you would think they were fallng apart bit by bit. Also they generally go to sleep in their own bed (together of course) but by morning they are with us or the boys in one of their beds, or ????

Steffi, They usually sleep with me alot whent they are sick also probably why I end up getting everything they get!

Amy, this is normal for Joshua! He never sleeps and never has. He goes for days at times with only a couple hours of sleep a night. The others are at least asleep somewhere by between 8:30 and 9 (well the girls anyway). The problem with him is I can't go to sleep before he does or who knows what will happen to the house. He just does weird things and its either not safe or he goes through the treats for their lunches.
also I don't mind to much when the girls climb in bed with us I still snugle up with them..

Anonymous said...
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