Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My internet is back! Yeah

Okay so they told us yesterday it would be until the 9th for it to come up but when we got home today it was already on. I was so happy. We are having some problems though and I am not sure what is going. I can't get into my "My Ebay" page which is really frustrating to me for some reason. Also I can't email any pictures some that I was really wanting to mail to some people but it looks like I will have to wait for those.

This is a picture of Madison and Kennedy from our little shopping trip I thought they were cute pushing their carts.
Here is from Izzaks choir concert last week the pictures pretty much all came out fuzzy but I wanted to post anyway
I thought we did good when we got 6 kids all sitting for pictures, Emily did not want to sit for anything so all these pictures she is standing but I love her smile in this picture
Here is just the girls holding the babies, Dorothy and Simon who are cousins. I just thought it was cute to have the two oldest at the party and the two youngest together, also I am a big fan of changing the colors to sepia and black and white.
Madison actually did really well holding Simon I was worried because she hasn't really held babies much. Kenzie of course was perfectly comfortable with Dorothy, she is the little mother in training and loves babies.

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Steffi said...

Very beautiful pictures of your kids.I like it.My older daughter Anne is also singing in a choir and they had already some concerts in diffrent countries around the world.
Have a nice day!