Monday, February 12, 2007

Mommy down

So this stomach thing that the girls had over the weekend hit me today. Oh joy! So yes I missed work but I would have anyway since Kenzie was up all night throwing up and Maddie said she was fine this morning but threw up at the bus stop so Joshua brought her back and went to school on his own. By this evening I am starting to feel a little more human again like I can hold my own head up anyway so hopefully it is just a one day thing and I can make it to work tomorrow. The girls seem better this evening also.

Although Joshua says his stomach is bothering him but he is still bouncing around the house and eating so I am hoping he is just fine and won't get hit himself.

Kelly seems to be fighting a more milder case of it though and was able to go to work today although he said he made it by eating tums like candy and drinking Coke which he says helps his stomach feel better, personally I go for a gatorade (it doesn't burn as much comming back up).

Izzak did make it to school today and did fine he says. I drove him since I was home for the day and picked him up. I had told him that if it was to much he could call home and I would pick him up but he did fine. He does have PE tomorrow so I need to make sure I get the letter for the class done so that he doesn't have to participate. He is feeling about the same pain wise right now and it is hard to explain to him that it takes time especially with as large of a burn he has.

The main thing he is really disappointed about though is that this weekend is there Winter Powwow at church which is a camp the boys would go to from Friday to Sunday. They really have fun at camp but obviously he is not going to be able to go and I am not going to have Joshua go either since I am much more comfortable sending Joshua to these things with his brother there to help keep an eye on him. Joshua can be a pretty sneaky little kid sometimes and seems to be able to pull things off on his teachers and such that his brother would catch since he knows him so well. They have the longer camp this summer and I am sure we will still be here by then and they will go at that time.

3 people had something to say:

Beccy said...

Oh poor you, I hope you are all back to full health soon.

Steffi said...

Oh no!I can say the same like Beccy!Oh poor you!I wish you all much health!!!

Best wishes and greetings!

Emma in Canada said...

My goodness! it's been quite the while in your house. That burn sounds awful!