Tuesday, February 06, 2007

View from my front door

A couple of weeks ago several other bloggers were posting pictures standing at their front doors. I wanted to to this to until my internet went down so I am a little slow in the game.

This is a pretty typical picture minus the snow we often have bikes in the front yard, does that really surprise anyone with 4 kids in the house? Also on this day they were trying to ride their bikes in the snow although they weren't very succesful, hehe.

I also took the picture at an angle that doesn't show so many of the houses down the street. I really hate having so many neighbors close by we have had a lot of bad experiences with neighbors who in the past assumed that since we were young with 4 kids were must be doing something bad and would watch outside the door whenever someone came over. We would get calls to the city because we had an extra bag outside by the garbage a day before garbage day. It was fun, huh yeah right. This neighborhood isn't so bad except for the lady next door who likes to kidnap my cat and spray him so that McKenzie has this kind of reaction. Over all though we have had fairly decent experiences in this particullar neighborhood.

I really want to move somewhere else though I kind of like the idea of not being able to see in my neighbors windows. Also I am really tired of living in the city we hear way to many police sirens and I don't like that, this used to be a good neighborhood but the problems are moving closer up here and I really don't want my kids to live in a high crime neighborhood.

Also on a different topic after I got the call from the school I called my mother to get my brothers phone number since my cell batery decided to die on me. When I told her about Madisons accident again her comment was "well it looks like you should bite the bullet and stay home with the kids". How do I resposnd to that? She knows that is what I want and the only reason I work right now is we can't get by on Kelly's income alone and his insurance sucks! Mine is great and that means for now I need to stay there as long as everyone seems to be having so many health problems at this point it is not a matter of biting the bullet but she doesn't like the idea of us moving even though that would enable us to be able to have me home. So what am I supposed to do? It just really upsets me when she says things like that. Like she just doesn't understand

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Allen Family said...

Don't listen to what other people say. They are only commenting on your life because (1) you are so genorous to open you life and expreiences up to us...there will be the people who try and tell you to do it this their life is so much better, easier, etc. And (2) what is going on in her own life that she feels comfortable TELLING some else how to life theirs. Keep up the good work. I told understand.

Jennifer Allen