Saturday, February 10, 2007

3 kids down

We are having an interesting week I guess.

Izzak obviously is still in a lot of pain. I managed to convince him he needed to take a shower today since the dr said it was okay which turned into a very traumatic event for him. It was pretty painful as you might imagine and he didn't get everything washed more of a rinsing was about what he could handle. He goes to school this Monday and will see how he handles it, I told him he could call me if it was to much and we would get him home. I won't be surprised if he is only about to make about half the day for a couple of days at least, now that he is in middle school there is a lot more walking around for him to do and with the pain he is having and trying to use crutches I am not sure exactly how much he will handle.

Madison woke us up this morning nice and early throwing up in our bed and now has a bit of a fever going around 100 degrees. So she is down right now as well hopefully she will be feeling better by Monday because I have missed so much work from this last week I am out of paid time off. Of course if she is not I will stay home though.

McKenzie has been on her lactose free diet all week and has done pretty well. She started back on dairy products today to see if she has a problem with it and by this afternoon she had her typical bad tummy ache and diahrea (I know to much info there). The only thing is I don't know for sure if maybe she is getting what Maddy has or reacting to the lactose, it has me frustrated. The only thing is she says she isn't nauseas and doesn't feel like she is going to throw up and she says it feels like her normal pain so I guess I should assume that is what it is but I will have to discuss that with her gi on Monday during our phone call.

Sounds like fun don't you think?

Anyway Joshua is feeling as well and hyper as normal and so far Kelly, Izzak and I don't seem to have whatever is making Maddy sick yet either! That is good news. I am feeling mood wise better today though surprisingly I understand that life has bumps in the road and everyone has their own to deal with and I know some have far bigger bumps then we have. My kids are for the most part healthy in the sense that they don't have any life threatening illnesses and Izzak is healthy enough as the dr says that he will get through this fine even if he needs skin grafts.

We are still planing our move to Alaska even though we know that we will have less money to go then we were originally thinking of but we have talked and prayed about this alot and really feel this is what we are supposed to do for our family at this time. I am looking forward to this. I know that we will make things work so that I can stay home and right now we are seriously considering homeschooling Izzak at least for a year or more to see if we can work with him more one on one to get farther then he is now. His Special Ed teacher even says he does far better with one on one help and teaching.

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blum wendy said...

hope your day goes better. See you soon.

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

We'll keep you all in our prayers.
Hope all are well soon.

I think you'll enjoy Alaska. I used to have family there.

Enjoy your day. We're getting hammered with snow and freezing **yuck** today.

miraclebaby said...

wow, you guys have been having a hard time. I'm sorry to hear about Izzak.