Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kenzie will be 9 in 9 days

As the title says Kenzie's gonna be 9 in 9 more days so I can't not tell you about her as well can I? Besides I like to share the pictures of the kids when they were little. Hope I'm not boring anyone but this is still a good thing for me.

Anyway for those of you who read about when Joshua was born you know how bad that went. After he was born I had so much damage to my uterus from the placenta issues that they weren't sure if I would be able to have any more babies because they didn't know if the placenta would be able to implant well. Also I almost ended up having a hysterectomy with him and it took a lot of work on my doctors parts to keep that from happening. So you can guess how excited I was when I found out I could get pregnant again and was having a little girl! I wanted a baby girl so bad. When I was pregnant with Kenzie before we knew it was a girl. I knew it but everyone who knew me was convinced it was going to be another boy.
The pregnancy with her was actually pretty easy I had morning sickness but not nearly as bad as I did with Izzak and Joshua but after Joshua I was VERY paranoid that something was going to go wrong again with this pregnancy so I constantly thought something might be wrong and my doctor just made it known that if I called to just have me come in so he could listen to her heartbeat so I could hear her heartbeat. He also did an ultrasound very early in the pregnancy as soon as they would be able to see the placement of the placenta which this time decided to be high up and far away from where it was last time.
After Joshua I was unable to have natural childbirth due to having to have a classical incision so hers was a planned C-section as close to her due date as possible but before I could have any contractions. I had a amnio test to check for signs in her amniotic fluid that her lungs were developed and she was born on November 19! 3 days before her daddys birthday. This csection was much better and Kelly was allowed to be in the room with me and I was able to be awake when she was pulled out. To hear her cry made me and Kelly both cry maybe even more then when Izzak was born because we didn't get to hear that healthy newborn cry with Joshua like that. He was able to cut the cord and when they got her checked out with him standing beside her the whole time they handed her to him and he brought her over to see me. She was so beautiful! I finally had my baby girl....which is what I said! She weighed 7lbs 11ozs and was 20 inches long which was the exact same as me when I was born.
Kelly has always been great with the kids when they were newborns and the nurses where always impressed that he usually took on the first diaper changes. He even changed Joshua first when they let one of us do it for the first time.

Before she was born I had started to make this onsie she is wearing but finished it when she was born because it tells her weight and length along with her name and birthdate. The boys were 2 and 3 and had shirts saying they were McKenzies big brothers. She was treated like a princess from day one! Even from the boys who were very entranced by her (even though when I was pregnant with her Izzak told everyone I was having batman).

Here is her hospital picture. See the little birthmark on her nose and forehead? It faded as she was getting older but even now you can tell when she is upset because it comes out red on her forehead but the nose part went away completely.
Whe she was born she had no shortage of playmates. The little one on the left picture is her in the pink (she wore lots of pink) and Conner (Joshuas best friend) in the brown. They were only 5 weeks apart. The picture on the right is Kenzie in the yellow and her cousin Kayla next to her they are only 9 days apart.

I took lots of pictures of her including pictures we had taken together here when she was about 4 months old. You can see that her birthmark is fading a little and it is more noticable here on her nose.
When Kenzie was about 3 months old she got pnemonia with her cousin and they both ended up in the Emergency room. She did okay but developed her first ear infections in both ears after that. Wouldn't sound like a big deal except that she could never get rid of them and as soon as one cleared up she had one again. She had problems taking antibiotics though and was always getting really bad yeast rashes in her diaper area poor baby.....she actually got to wear they wouldn't give her amoxicilan because it never cleared them up and septra meds gave her even worse rashes. The only one she could take to get rid of them was the stronger antibiotics.
She was quick at learning things and was sitting up by 5 months. She was also very tiny! People alwasy thought she was at least a couple of months younger then she was because of her height.
One of her favorite things very early on was playing peek a boo. That is what she was doing in this picture below....she was about 7 months old here.
She was a very mellow baby though and very quiet. Very odd for us considering we were used to her brothers who were very noisy! This is how she smiled when she was really excited always a little sideways
Here she is on her first Easter. I found this outfit before she was born and her cousin had the same exact set. They both went to church in matching outfits but then a lot of times they wore matching or coordinating clothes. If they had looked a little more alike people would have thought they were twins since they were both small and the same age. Of course when they were little they were always together so they were practically like twins anyway.
I love this picture below because it shows her eyes. She was a little tired but the expression as well was very typical of her. She is a pretty serious kid and was like that as a baby. She always seemed like she was watching everything that was going on but just taking it all in. She had a beautiful laugh but saved it for the funniest things. People tell me know that she is almost like a grownup, especially her teachers because she is so serious. I tell them she has always been like that. My peaceful baby she was such a good baby which is probably why we even considered having another one after her.

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Janice said...

Wow, all these birthdays! And close to the holidays, too! You are one busy Mama! I love love love how you have written several posts about each years of their lives!

Jocelyn said...

I love your proud mama posts--especially when they involve labor and delivery stories (my favorite!).

Emma in Canada said...

She still has the same smile!

Steffi said...

Wow...many birthdays at the next weeksa...Kenzie is a sweet girl like Madison too.Very exciting pictures of her birth.You can be a proud mom !

philosophyoflife said...

Delightful photo's and all the more memorable with your deeply moving words - which shows a 'Proud Mum and Dad'..

All credit to the expertise too of the Doctors who enabled you and Kelly to have more children after Joshua.

Keep posting - a wonderful and emotive read....

Beccy said...

I'm so glad you were able to have more children and what a delight McKenzie is.

Melanie said...

Adorable pictures! I just love these posts you're doing. Such a great idea.

That Chick Over There said...

What lovely pictures!

frannie said...

what a sweet post!!! YOu finally got your baby girl!!!