Sunday, November 04, 2007

Finally! Kids school pics!

Okay I finally got blogger to let me post pics again. Took all day yesterday to get them to come up though!

I always order the kids pics from school. Sometimes they are great, sometimes good others not so good. I still like to get them though because if I never manage to get them to a regular photo studio at least I have something semi prophesional right? The only thing is I wish I could be there to make sure they look right when the pictures are taken. Oh well.

Anyway I think they actually turnd out pretty good this year.

Here is Joshua's his is pretty good. He is trying to grow his hair out longer right now so it is at one of those odd stages where it doesn't always lay quite right but hey at least he smiled this year. Last year he didn't smile at all. I'll have to scan copies of their last pics to show the differences they all look so much older this year! He has such a sly little smile there. I love when he smiles enough to see his dimple. Joshua what do I say about this kid! He is a great kid really he runs me raged though sometimes! He has so much energy. He loves his sisters and always puts them ahead of everything else. Yes he has the normal arguments with them but usually lets them have there way if either one of them sheds a tear. He can't stand to see them cry. He's the typical brother with Izzak they fight like cats and dogs constantly but last summer when he found out his brother got into a fight at the park he flew out the door and ran to the park ready to defend his brother. He's one of those kids who will do what he sets his mind to and in many ways is not afraid of anything. Except the dark then that part in him that is still a little boy comes out. He has a very active imagination and is very fun to talk to! The stories he tells are always fun and when he finds something he is interested in he throws everything he's got into it to learn every bit he can. Just ask him anything about Star Wars. I don't think there is a book out there he hasn't read. His new thing right now is dragons. He is a fantastic artist I need to scan in one of his drawings sometime and show them.

Here's McKenzies. I think it came out great and the brown shirt was a great color for her. Pretty much everything looks in place here. I put that more as McKenzie. She's pretty particular about making sure everything is in place. Of course I think Kenzie is a beautiful little girl though. I may be biased being her mom and all but personally I think she is the prettiest girl in school (I can say that since Maddie is in homeschool now). She's my sensitive little one. She wears her heart on her sleeve. One of those kids all you have to do is look like you are upset with her to have her in tears. You have to watch how you say things to her or she will be in tears. She is so much like me sometimes it's scary. She looks a lot like I did at her age and always has. Sometimes I think I should understand her more already but I think I learn more about myself through her eyes and her heart. She will never say anything bad about anyone. When she is angry she doesn't say people are bad she will say someone is behaving bad but in her eyes no one is a bad person. I used to be a lot more like that. I still am for the most part but have gotten more synacle in my years. Kenzie is my social butterfly as I call her. She will make friends with people right away she doesn't do best friends because they are all her best friends! Her teachers adore her and every teacher she has ever had tells me they wish they had 20 of her! They say she is very mature for her age and acts more like an adult in class. She is definetly a little girl at play though. Just a serious kid with a heart as beautiful as her self.

And lastly my sweet little Maddie girl. I love the look on her face in this picture. So typical an expression from her. She has that look like she is just so happy! Of course she is! This girl loves life. Notice the teeth? I will have to dig up her pic from their spring pictures last year. Only one of the teeth she lost in the last year is in yet and it's not all the way in yet. She is such a cutie pie. I look at pictures like this of her and it reminds me why I pulled her out of school. I don't want her to ever lose this sense of wonderment about the world. I've always worried with her that she would get that one teacher that doesn't quite understand her and her free spirit. Do you know what I mean? I used to be like this and loved school and learning. I just ate it up. Then I got a teacher in the 5th grade. She was terrible. Mrs Baer (spelled correctly) she tore me down every chance she got after that I didn't like school so much. My parents did everything they could think of to help but I finally ended up going to a different school the next year because I couldn't handle the thought of seeing her on the school grounds. Maddie is the sweetest kid you've ever met people tell me that all the time. She has a very unique personality and loves everyone. Trust is a huge thing with her you have to be careful how you say things to her. Partially the being a 6 year old but also it's just something about her personality. She likes to be challenged though. Don't ever tell this kid she can't do something! She will do it and do it well just to prove you wrong. I could go on forever but I love this kid and don't ever want her personality to change!
I need to get Izzak to a photographer so I can get pictures of him as well. Hopefully I will do that soon and I am hoping to get family pics done this year before Christmas at least with all 4 of the kids.
Oh and Joshua will be 11 in 11 days I will do something similar to what I did before Izzaks and include pics and talk a little about him to lead up to his birthday. We have his birthday and Kenzies birthdays this month that should help me a lot with getting my NaBloPoMo posts in right?

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alissa said...

What great pictures!!! Their eyes... all of them... what an awesome shade of green! Very happy that you were able to post the photos!!

Oh... and the toothless smile?! Fantastic!!!!

INSANITY said...

OMG your kids are adorable!

Ok, so I am such a dope....I responded to your nablopomo thing, I have no idea how to do it.
I just joined it yesterday and am still trying to figure it out!

May need your assistance!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures and I love the comments you wrote with them. Just beautiful descriptions of your children. I hope this blogger thing lasts for years and years because it'll be an awesome thing for them to read when they're adults.

Denise said...

Great pics

ChrisB said...

These are beautiful photos. You have such great children I love reading about them :)

Emmakirst said...

Aww they are great pictures, I always order the school pics too.
They are gorgeous children you have there!

Anonymous said...

Terri, your glowing tribute of your kids - was so 'loving' and a joy to read of each and with their equally beautiful photo's too.

A very special moment for you - I'm sure as you wrote this post and a very PROUD moment too.

Steffi said...

Great pictures of your cute kids!You can be a proud mom,Terri!

Debs said...

You have such beautiful children! :)

You have ever reason to be a proud mama. :)

Anonymous said...

They sound like wonderful kids. My C has her birthday on Thursday, so I will do a Thursday Thirteen for her like I did for J in July. That is the day of my 100th post, and I was going to do a 100 Things post, but will have to do that Friday instead. I am getting the kids photos done at Wal-Mart on the 14th. I haven't had them done in at least 4 years. I am so pathetic that way. My mom will be pleased. She has been bugging me for a couple of years for photos.

~ej said...

their photos are fantastic, my kids photos came out so so. i don't know why i spend the money when i can shoot a much better photo myself ;-)

frannie said...

great pictures of the kids!

i know exactly what you mean about Maddie. one of the kids I nannied was just like that. I think that is one reason I love Maddie so much-- she reminds me a lot of my little one I watched for so long.

Melanie said...

Adorable pictures! I just love them- they all turned out great.

I didn't know you had pulled Maddie out of school- did I miss that post?

M said...

Oh the pictures turned out just LOVELY! The backstories to them made me adore your kidfolks even more than before. What a wonderful group you have (even the silent partner not pictured :) )