Saturday, November 24, 2007

We had a good Thanksgiving and more puppy pics

We had a pretty good Thanksgiving. I would have enjoyed it more if it was with my family. Holidays like this are what makes me miss Oregon. We didn't have huge celebrations but we got together with my parents and brother and just enjoyed the day together.

This year we had Thanksgiving with the family I've spoke about before that we hav become friends with. We had a nice dinner and spent a lot of time just holding little puppies.

I helped with dinner by making the potatoes plus 2 pumpkin pies, an apple pie and cheesecake because Kelly isn't a fan of either of the others. Naturally I was working on making pies right up until we needed to leave for our friends home and the apple was still hot and almost just out of the oven when we left.
We had a good meal though and some interesting conversation.

And of course afterwards when everyone sat in the living room to veg, watch some movies and maybe have a conversation or 2. Joe the one Kenzie is sitting in the lap of always has a lap full of girls sitting. Madison keeps telling him he is going to be Santa this year. I wonder how that will turn out. Only Kenzie sitting there is unusually usually both my girls and his daughter are all sitting in his lap but the other 2 are watching Joshua play a game on their daughters laptop.

Yes I have more puppy pictures also. Here is the pups and the momma. The puppy laying on top of her? Yep thats our puppy. It's a silly dog.

A little closer picture.....isn't she cute?

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philosophyoflife said...

I am delighted that you have all been able to share in the "Thanksgiving" in your new country and with great friends too.

Certainly looks a full house and with all those 'beards' - I can still compete - at least on the grey side :)

Cute photo of the puppies too...

Now who is going to housetrain ????

frannie said...

I'm glad that you were able to have a nice gathering-- even without your family.

It is always nice to be close to others on Thanksgiving.

philosophyoflife said...

'Congratulations' - you have won a new 'Blog Award' - and will have to pop over to see...

Janice said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Terri! The puppies are adorable!

I hope the results to Izzak's and Joshua's tests turn out to be good ones. I'll keep you guys in my prayers.

Cole Twins - Wisconsin said...

Your house after Turkey day looks just like mine did!!! And the pups.....Too cute!!!

alissa said...

Sure looks like everyone had a great time! And those puppies... I could eat 'em up! Nothing beats puppies (not even babies! - shhh... I didn't really just say that!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Karmyn R said...

Looks like you had a housefull!

the puppy is adorable.

I hope you find out what is going on with Isaak! Yikes - how scary and worrisome for you. I'll keep both boys in my prayers.

dawn said...

How sweet. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

Melanie said...

It looks like you had a nice Thanksgiving. I'm glad you were able to have some friends to share it with. I can't imagne how hard it must be to be so far from tyou families.