Saturday, November 17, 2007

5 and 6

At 5 Kenzie started Kindergarten. She loved Kindergarten! She loved learning new things and being around all the people. Kenzie is a shy kid but once she is comfortable she is a social butterfly! She will be friends with everyone and everyone is a friend. Her teachers love her and every conference we have gone to since she started school the teachers have always told me how great a kid she was. She is like having another adult in the classroom, even in Kindergarten!

Here she is on her 5th birthday party. Back to the dresses this year.

Kenzie loves to go the park but she is a swing girl. She loves the swings and actually figured out how to swing herself very early. In Kindergarten she started the having to take her inhaler in school. She didn't like it though because she was the only one in her class that had to go to the office for that and she doesn't like to be singled out.

At 6 we got to go on a vacation to visit relatives in California. We stayed in a hotel with a swimming pool and Kenzie loved it. It was cute though because she always had to have something that floated around her waist even though she could touch the ground and knows basically how to float and swim. We had a great time on this trip because we got to see the redwoods and did a lot of things as a family.

Another picture from our vacation. There is a park near where Kelly's uncle and grandmother live that has a big volcano structure that shoots up water like a volcano. The kids loved it and had lots of fun. Kenzie always sat like this to keep the water from hitting her in the face. She has never liked water in her face.
Kenzie did just as well in the 1st grade although we were noticing she was having some difficulty with reading and requested to have her in a class giving her extra help with her reading. She doesn't have a disability like her brother she just needed a little extra help to get some of the basics down. We also needed to frequently remind her teachers she has a 40% hearing loss in her left ear due to damage from ear infections and the one after her surgery when she was 1. Her teachers still adored her though.

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Jocelyn said...

I like reading these loving profiles of your kids--because it lets me enjoy them, but it also assures me that all kids, everywhere, go through the same stages.

Anonymous said...

A delightful awareness of your Kenzie's character and her love of people around her as well as eager to learn..

Swimming is very good for Kenzie and hope she can continue in your new area.

Would a small hearing aid assist Kenzie? As you know I wear (2) and without I would be at a disadvantage and perhaps if Kenzie saw a specialist they may well advise a hearing aid to give extra assistance. Just a suggestion...

Keep posting and wonderful photo's as always to enjoy...

heiresschild said...

beautiful pics terri.

frannie said...

how could they not adore her?? she is so freakin' adorable!!!

I love all the pictures. and the stories that go with them.

Steffi said...

I agree with Frannie!I love all her pictures and stories of Kenzie.