Tuesday, November 06, 2007

more Joshua photos this time at 1!

Okay technically he wasn't quite a year old when this picture was taken but it was only 2 weeks early and he was more 1 then not, right?

Anyway I didn't get this one on yesterdays post and it is one of my most absolute favorite photos of Joshua! Is't it the cutest thing?!!!!! The reason for the border around it is because it is in his scrapbook. I cropped some of the page out but left the border around because I think it goes so well with the picture.

Here is a picture from his 1st birthday party. Some kids will stick their fingers in a cake first. Joshua? Not so much this kid has always gone head first into everything! One hand was holding his chair, the other right there next to the cake to make sure he can grab if something thinks they are going to take it away from him. All of the kids got their own 8 inch cake for their first birthday it was so fun to see how each one of them reacted to it!

Izzak was doing the potty training thing. Joshua was interested in the little potty but not for using it. He was often found sitting on it fully clothed with a book or magazine in hand. It was too funny like he was copying an adult......Gee I wonder how where he picked this up from?? Oh and the furry thing sitting next to him that he has his hand on? That is the cat that slept between his legs when he had the cast on. That cat never left his side for the longest time. It even put up with all the mean things a 1 year old does to cats and never scratched, bit or even hissed at him.
When the boys were little I was big about dressing them up alike. I don't think they have any pictures done proffessionally without being dressed alike until they were in school! Remember when I said Joshua never kept his right shoe on after his cast? He was wearing them in this picture but we had just bought them that day. He lost the one within a week!! He had just turned a year old here

More proof of my always having matching clothes on my boys thing.

Aren't they cute though?! I sure think so.... I'm still amazed I got Joshua to keep his hat on for this picture. He hated hats. Izzak always had one on....always, still does.

I love the look on his face in this picture. Kind of like "Okay are we done with the pictures yet?"

He came quite far from where he was when he was born and everything that happened to him when he was tiny. He's a pretty tough kid. I did spoil him rotten though when he was a baby though. After all he went through and what we went through together to get him here I figured he deserved a little spoiling. In this picture he wanted the camera. Notice how chunky he got? The preemie thing didn't make him small for long. Oh and you might notice I was a huge fan of overalls on my little boys! I loved overalls. The only picture in this entire post he is not wearing them is the costume one. Of course he looked chunky but really had a skinny waist (still does) pants didn't stay up on him so that would be one reason why he was always in overalls.
Another photo taken from our scrapbooks. His favorite thing to eat at 1? Cheerios of course. What toddler doesn't like a good cheerio?

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Anonymous said...

Great photo's of Joshua and can see even at (1) his eagerness for excitement - evident in his enthusiasm now..

A proud moment for both you and Kelly as the photo's now display over the years and the joy they bring for you.

Keep posting.

laurie said...

i can't believe you got them in those matching suits and hats. adorable.

and now i want some cake....though not to smear on my forehead.

frannie said...

I love the pictures! especially the one with him as the dalmation-- that is the cutest thing!! I love it!

and that is amazing about the cat! I wonder why the cat was so attached to him.

M said...

Oh the dalmatian photo is just priceless! That sweet face! Oh! It's too much!

Reading Child magazine on the potty with the cat slays me. How sweet!

Oh the shot of the two boys is too much for my heart! That is one of the sweetest pics ever!

And the are we done makes me giggle. Just fantastic

We're big overall people here for similar reasons! Liam's a chunk but has short legs so pants don't fit!

And the cheerios? Just delightful. Love it love it love it.

Oh I love these posts and getting to know your kids more. It makes me so gooey!

Heather K said...

adorable pictures!! My Amanda loved the potty too! I have a similar picture of her sitting on the potty. her potty was a horse with handles to hold onto..sooo when it came time to actually do the potty training she wouldn't make her 'horsie dirty'! So we had to remove it from the bathroom and go straight to the toilet...she was traumatized the ONE time she did use it.

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I love overalls to, and I have a photo where my girls are wearing overalls (2 in yellow shirts, and on in red) and the boy is in a red shirt and jeans (because he wouldn't wear overalls after 3 years old). And what an awesome cat.

Amy W said...

Man, he is adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. My kids were always in overalls, too. Their shirts never rode up their backs!

Steffi said...

Great pictures of Joshua! sweet boy!

Melanie said...

I loved this post! I just love the white-blond hair. My favorite pic is the one of the 2 boys in their jean overalls. ADORABLE!