Friday, November 09, 2007

Izzaks having pain!

I'm going to have to do another 2 year post about him yesterday but today we have things going on and I needed to say something about it.

It's with Izzak. Every couple of years or more he get these terrible pains in his stomach usually to the right side that drop him to the ground. He's been in the hospital twice for it and the last time was 2 years ago when he was out of school for 6 weeks and spent a week of that in the hospital trying to figure out what was wrong.

Well he's having it again which scares me because, honestly I don't have a lot of faith in the tiny hospital in this little town where in. We took him in yesterday to the hospital and they took blood, urine and an xray and sent him home before all but the xray came back. The xray said he had stool in his system although as far as I'm concerned that shows up almost any time you have an abdominal xray. So now I have this kid in pain at home and since they just said to get him in for the next available appointment I can't get him in to see anyone till the end of next week.

Usually when he has these episodes he has been having a lot of stress although he isn't having any of that right now. He is not having any of the other behavioral symptoms he has when he is having stress and really there is nothing going on right now. He isn't in school so he doesn't have that stress. Even though we have recently had this big move he is a lot happier then he has been in a long time and making a lot of friends. I worry that something else is going on with all of the other episodes but that since they can't find anything obvious and usually some stress is going on they just assume that it is stress and don't dig further. I will update on how he is doing though but it kind of has been in a down mood for the moment. Things have been going really well here but the concern I had before moving was if any of the kids medical issues came up and how we would be able to take care of those in such a small town. I'm hoping it is nothing serious and he gets over it in the next couple of days but if it doesn't get better I know we will have to take him somewhere else out of town.

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ChrisB said...

That must be such a worry for you;and awful to see your child in pain and not be able to find out what's wrong.
I do hope things settle down for Izzak and he feels better soon.

frannie said...

oh, sweetie!!! Thismust just be unbearable! I hope that it is stress that is causing it.

I hope that Izzak feels all better soon!!

Heather K said...

oh Terri..that must be so scary for you! I hope it's just stress or something simple..maybe it's a delayed reaction to the upheaval of a move...? I'll keep you guys in prayer.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear he has a recurring problem. I hope you find out what it is soon. When I was a teen, I went to the doctor for lower abdominal pain and unine frequency. I thought I had a bladder infection. I had to go often. The doctor poked and prodded a little, asked if it stung when I went pee,and asked how regular I was with BM. I was surprised and told him every day or two. He said I was constipated. I was doubly shocked, because I could eat 10 oranges in a day, and it wouldn't change anything. He told me to drink more water. I started drinking 6-8 glasses a day and I didn't have an ongoing problem since. I don't know if that is something already considered, but stress I think will make that worse if it is that, yet stress is not the only thing that can bring it on. Anyway, it doesn't hurt to drink more water. On the same note, I have started this Japanese tradition of drinking four 6 ounce glasses of water when I get up, and nothing after for 45 minutes. It is suppose to flush you out and it really works well on both movements. Okay, now I have just exposed myself to the world, I will go now.

Kila said...

How upsetting and worrisome for you. I hope it goes away and he is OK. Is his abdomen swollen or extra tender to the touch? If so, I would take him to a doctor. Or maybe it's his appendix--I think that's on the lower right side. Maybe it's a hernia? Or gallstones?

If he throws up and doesn't feel better afterwards, or he passes any blood, or he developes a high fever, I would take him to a doctor.

I hope he's feeling better soon.

Pamela said...

you mention stress.
have you considered Irritable Bowel.
The colon curves around on the right hand side and I've had it be quite painful.

See if you can't get him to take some citrucel gel tabs (or something similar) I can't imagine it hurting him -

It was just a thought. trying to be helpful and probably not being.

Anonymous said...

You have some sound advice given here on the comments section and I feel sure you will act accordingly with suggestions made.

The symptoms described are not uncommon and given 'stress' as a factor both in yourself and in Izzak - this does need to be addressed ...

Observe over coming days and obviously any increase in temperature, etc etc - should require further examination.

Kelly said...

I had those same problems as a child - and it was indeed stress related. Keeping a journal of triggers has helped - but I do still occassionaly get episodes. Good Luck! I know it is terrible to see your child in pain!

alissa said...

Oh my goodness... that must be so frightening for you all... And I can't imagine that combined with little faith in your local hospital. I'd go pronto pronto to the next major one to get him fully checked out.

Melanie said...

This must be so scary for you. I will keep you in my prayers!