Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kenzie at 7 and 8

I said I was behind so I've had to do a couple of posts doubled up for McKenzie. Tomorrow is her birthday though and she will be officially 9! We had her birthday party yesterday and hopefully later this week I will get that all posted. We had a lot of fun and I have tons of pictures!

7 was a pretty good year for Kenzie as well. She started the second grade and loved it of course. She had her first male teacher and we found she does even better with male teachers then girls and she is a bit of a's cute. She was able to move out of the xtra reading help program and moved to her own level doing pretty well. She loves to read and started wanting to buy and read chapter books. Her favorites were/are Junie B. Jones books. By the way any homeschooling moms with younger girls if you go to the website there are teacher aids and worksheets to go with all of her books with lesson plans all online. I just found that out by the way. We may use some of that next year when I bring her home to home school.

My little princess by the way loves to pose for pictures. Can you tell by some of the pictures in this post? The first 2 above and the one just below are all from a 4th of July trip we took to the lake we used to go to all the time in Oregon.
This is from a short ferry ride we took on a vacation we were on last year to the Shasta caverns in California. I love profile shots with Kenzie. She has a sweet profile in my opinion!
This was on a trip to the tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree 2 years ago. Her hair is kind of messy from the wind but the picture looks makes her look sweet again in my opinion. Of course it's not hard for her to look that way since she is a very sweet kid to begin with. I would love for many of you to actually meet her just so you can understand what I say about her and her personality. It is a very distinct personality that is hard to explain. I mean she never really gets in trouble every once in awhile she will get into a little trouble but it is so hard to actually be upset at her. Besides if you do she gets even more upset with herself for not being good! I don't know what I did to deserve her but she is the one that calms me most of the time even when I'm sad or upset about things. She's just a sweet kid and I actually look forward to when she is older. Even though I hate to see her growing up.
8 has been a big year for her. She has had so much more responsibility this year and a lot of it she has taken on for herself. She wanted to earn money so she asked to have certain chores. She does them mostly without complaining and she can actually save money until she can get something she really wants. She doesn't nag about getting her allowance either though. She is actually the only one getting one right now because one of our rules is they have to do their chores without being constantly reminded or whining. Which she rarely does. One of her main chores is cleaning the bathroom every monday which she chose herself and does a great job with. She is funny though because since it is her job she gets on everyones case for not putting the seat down, flushing or picking up after themselves. She really is a little momma, it's cute.

This is from our trip to the fun center at the fair in Portland this year. She had her face painted and it was pretty cute.

She also rode a horse for the firts time this year as well and was a little natural. She looked like she had been doing it all her life. I love this picture.

This is from our Memorial day picnic to the lake this year. Really I don't have any pictures of her that I can't say I love though.

Of course the biggest thing for year 8 for Kenzie is the move. She has done very well with it. I'm glad. She is one of those kids though that has no problems making friends. She is a very devoted friend as well. She is so tiny compared to all of them it's funny sometimes. I love watching her with her friends and you always see her holding hands with them as well, it's too sweet to see.

I hope people have enjoyed reading about my sweet girls 8 years up till now. I love writing about her and showing pictures. She really is our little princess and we are told that all the time. I truely feel blessed to have her and thank God everyday that we were able to have her. I can't imagine my life without this little ray of sunshine in my life.

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Steffi said...

Kenzie is so a sweet girl and I love to see her pictures. Especially I love the picture Kenzie on the horse!

Anonymous said...

Terri, You always capture beautifully through photo's and comments and they have been so delightful to both read and view.

Birthday Greetings to Kenzie and may her birthday be extra special..

The photo of Kenzie on the Ferry and riding on the horse (for the 1st time) are truly amazing and you have an eye for the right moment to capture the image..

Your "Ray of Sunshine" is a blessing for you and Kelly and may she continue to Shine in her love of life and friendship to all.

frannie said...

what beautiful pictures of you sweet princess. anyone reading this can tell that she is a very bright light in your little world! and I know it would take meeting her to understand how sweet she is, but from your words and her pictures, I think we can all feel it a little bit.

thanks so much for sharing!

Pamela said...

I hope you put this on disc or in book form. when they are grown it will be priceless.

Melanie said...

What a sweetie Kenzie seems to be. I can't wait to see the bday party pictures.

Kila said...

~*~*~HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY!~*~*

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute. I understand her personality, as I was similar growing up. I was very sensitive, and my parents just had to give me a look when I was young, and I would cry. I tried to do everything just right, and I tend to be that way still, but have learned balance, so I am not such a perfectionist. She sounds a lot like our daughter C as well. I think she will always be wonderful, like you said, and always bring joy to your family.