Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kenzie at 2 and 3......

.....yeah I did it again and I'm at least a day behind on my posts for Kenzie and getting her yearly posts up. So today I'm going to catch up on at least 2 of those years.

Kenzie turned 2 and 2 weeks later her little sister Madison was born. She wasn't to excited about it because she basically was spoiled! She was our little princess. I can't say it to bad she wasn't a spoiled brat at all. She was quiet and sweet but smart. She wouldn't talk much but when she did she spoke in sentances with adorable mispronunciations.

She was an ultra girlygirl! Loved jewelry and frilly dresses. 2 was when really noticed she had an opinion when it came to clothes and she was like a teen! Many kids this age when they try to dress themselves get clothes mismatched and on wrong. Not Kenzie she knew her outfits and even had an opinion on what shoes went better. She loved her dolls and was just like a little momma with them. She frequently mimicked the things I did with Madison with her own dolls and was always putting Maddies diapers on them.

McKenzie I have always called my minime. Only difference is she has green eyes like my mom. They didn't turn until she was 2 and as far as I had ever known they usually have their eye color decided by the time they are 1. Other then that she has always done things like I have. She has my same hair with the mass of curls when she was little, she still has curls but she tends to brush them out she doesn't like them. She was the same size as I was even when I was born. She has a very similar personality as mine. Which means she wears her emotions on her sleeve. You have to be careful how you talk to her sometimes or she cries if you just look at her like your upset.
When she was 2 she started having more issues with her tummy and asthma. She had some symptoms suggesting cystic fibrosis and went through several tests to find out. They did find from one smaller test that she is a carrier of one of the cf genes but couldn't rule out anything. They have done at least a dozen sweat tests on her but she never sweats in the right spot it has been very frustrating but they believe that she doesn't have it at this point because she isn't sick enough like a cf patient. They do keep a close eye on her though for the problems she does have. She takes 2 different GI medications and takes meds and an inhaler daily for her asthma. We have to watch her pretty closely though for when she gets sick because a cough can quickly turn into pnemonia which she has had several times. Here in this picture she is playing with her cousins Kayla and Aiden. All 3 of these girls are only 11 months apart so they have always been close. Kayla and Aiden are my nieces I've mentioned recently by the way and they are sisters only 11 months apart.
Kenzie wanted me to make sure to include this picture in this post. She thinks it is very funny! She was supposed to be in my room taking a nap and I came in to check on her about a half hour after putting her down only to find this! She had gotten into my bathroom in there and found my makeup and apparently tried to put it on herself! I think she covered her lips completely and then some don't you?
This picture is from the next day and you can see below her lip that she had a reaction to the lipstick under her lip and got a nice rash. I did clean her up right after taking the picture above but she tends to be very sensitive to things.
She was always falling asleep while reading her Disney Catalog! The girl didn't want to miss out on any Disney Princess apparel.

The day of her 3rd birthday party we had another incident with her finding things I thought were out of her reach while taking a nap in my room.....she found the scissors and cut her bangs off! Mommy was so sad. She hadn't ever had her hair cut and apparently she thought her bangs were in the way!
Here she is later that day waiting for her birthday party. I loved the dress she was wearing here by the way. You can also see more of the fingers in the mouth thing she always does.
She loved going to the park at 3 and was better able to climb on the equipment. The boys were both in school all the time by this time ands he would ask me everyday "mamma when do I get to go to school?" She wanted to learn how to read so I read to her all the time and she loved to hear the stories.

3 was a little easier year with her not as full of tests for her health more just dealing with it and perfecting what meds she was taking to help her more. 3 was also when my mom started taking her to the Nordstrom half yearly sale. She found that she loved shopping and was very oppinionated about what looked good together and was actually pretty good about it. Shat and she loved to shop! Grandma loves to shop also so they were a happy pair and frequently went out together for shopping trips. Kenzie had so many different pairs of shoes she had more then the rest of the family combined. She was one well dressed little girl. She is still like that about her clothes......I blame it on Grandma and when I do my mom says "yep your right!"and she is proud of it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet - one can see she is your "wee Princess" and quite rightly so...

I am pleased she is being closely monitored regarding the "asthma" - a wise mum!!!

Keep enjoying the posting - you are doing fine ;)

ChrisB said...

You've shown some really cute photos of Kenzie when she was younger. The lipstick one is so funny I think most youngsters try that at some stage!

alissa said...

Her hair is outta control!! Those curls... OMG - Too cute for words!!!

frannie said...

what sweet pictures of Kenzie! she is so, so cute!!! I love it. and those eyes! my goodness-- and the curls! how darling!

karisma said...

Just precious! Your children are a reflection of their beautiful Mama.

Anonymous said...

What great hair she has! So nice and curly

Anonymous said...

Yeah, my impression was that she looks just like her mom, from some of your older photos (wedding and the one with Joshua). My oldest was the same with clothes. Once when she was that age, I put a sweater on her, and she didn't want to wear it because the pink in the sweater didn't match the pink of the pants. She was right, but it wasn't a huge shade difference, so she wore a different colour sweater. She is pretty particular about her clothes now too, but doesn't like shopping. Great post.

~ej said...

love the curls! and the cut bangs, oops! only one of my boys has done this, but with boys i don't think it's as much an issue. i have the scissors well hid now! (and the markers, glue, lipsticks, etc) ;-)
that sweat test is a bear....we did it once :-(