Friday, November 30, 2007

Madison at 1

Here is Madison on her first Birthday! Wasn't she cute? She wore the same dress for her first Birthday as Kenzie did on her first birthday. I love the pictures below especially the one on the top right because I loved her little baby toes.

The above pictures are her eating her cake notice how clean she was when she started and how much of a mess when she was done? Unlike her sister she did not mind getting covered in frosting and cake!

Of course she was frequently falling asleep while at her hairchair including while eating her cake!

She had her first picture with Santa when she was one also. She was not pleased! Not pleased at all!! It's hard to see in this picture but she is looking up at him and not actually crying but not happy at all!
Her first Christmas pictures. Technically it was her second but she was only 20 days on her first so she didn't really pay much attention.
Madison was a beautiful toddler. I love this picture. It has the corners on it because it is a pictures from her scrapbook.

Madison was a funny little girl. Loved playing games on picking on her siblings. Kenzie was "sissa" and the boys were both refered to as the "budas". She was a momma's girl and a daddies girl at the same time. She talked well early but talked in 2-3 word sentances from the beginning. She was a much bigger talker then any of the other kids from very early on. She walked later then any of them either but some of that was the fact no one would put her down! Her big brother Izzak may have only been 6 by the time she was 1 but he was always doing things for her along with Joshua and Kenzie who could not stand the thought of their baby crying!
She constantly reminded us how smart she was with things she would do and things she would say.
On her second Halloween she was Cinderella because both of the girls were all into the Princesses! You can see that after spending the evening walking the mall trick or treating that she passed out on the way home.
And lastly today is the last day of November! Which means the last day of NaBloPoMo! Woo hoo! I will finish posting everyday for Madisons but I am looking forward to when done so I can take a day or so off from posting. Not more then a couple of days though. I wouldn't be able to stay away very long.

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Anonymous said...

'Congratulations' on completing your final post of the nana-nono competition - you will be exhausted for sure...

Great photo's of Madison and falling asleep at the dinner table - reminds me of someone too!!

Enjoy the weekend..

frannie said...

oh, look at that little Maddie!!! so sweet and adorable.

I love the picture of her sleeping in the high chair after cake!!!