Friday, March 16, 2007

Poor Cats and Izzaks leg

What does a boy do when he is bored and the cat falls asleep on his car carpet?

Make a Cat Mountain of course!

Of course for a boy to do that he must get the idea for torturing cats from somewhere....Could it be his mother?

Who thinks it is very funny to stick the kitten in a toy carseat. Of course I did make sure he was snuggled in with head support and blanky. Of course once I get the idea to put him in the carseat why shouldn't he take a ride in the baby doll swing?

Once again I did make sure he had his head support so his head did fall while swinging in his sleep.

Unfortunatly this is the same kitty that was hit by a car the day after Izzak burned himself last month but I wanted to show the pictures anyway.

Oh and his leg is looking much better in case you were wondering the leg is getting much better. I am posting a picture of what it looks like now so you can see a bit just how much he burned. Its a recent one so it isn't as bad as it was when first did it but it gives you an idea on just how big and bad it was.

It still looks bad but really it is more like a sunburn now and the top portion used to be just as bad as the bottom looks but it is healing quicker for some reason. For now he just has to coat it is lotion twice a day which he gets annoyed because he says it makes him smell like a girl.

Doesn't he look happy that I am taking his picture? He knows its for the blog. Also he has very bad chapped lips right now (something else he inherited from his mother) and that is why his lips look bad.

The shirt he is wearing is his courage4kennedy shirt. Her website is on my list of blogs. You would think he wouldn't want to wear a shirt with a little girls picture on it but she has leukemia and he likes to tell everyone about her he also wears one of those rubber bracelets that has her name on it.

So we don't have any big plans for the weekend. Does anyone have any big plans or ideas? We are expecting a nice weekend finally and I am trying to convince the hubby we need to get out and do something together with the kids.

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Beccy said...

I can't believe the cat slept whilst the cars were on top of him.

Hope you have a good weekend whatever you manage to do.

Portrait of Peter said...

A really delightful post and just loved the photo's of the cat - must admit I am envious too - wish someone would curl me into a nice comfy carseat - instead of having to drive.

Not so sure about having cars all over me though - when sleep (laughs).

Izzak shows such a tender, caring and compassionate side - I think it is really wonderful to see him wearing this 't'shirt - a proud moment for you too mum.

So pleased to see that Izzak's burns are starting to heal - it can be difficult to assess sometimes - and although the treatment may smell "girly" it is aiding his recovery.

Sometimes think men's cosmetics have a similar "girly" aroma too - or is it just me!!

Thank you so very much for your very kind comments and please check out my new post - a creative idea for you and all your family to enjoy.

Have a lovely weekend.

Blessings from Scotland.

ps Luv the photo's in your album too!!

frannie said...

the cat pictures are great! that is so funny!

Glad the leg is on the mend.

Portrait of Peter said...

I thought both you and the children may like to view the following ofThe Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.

Here is the link:

Really enjoyed it myself too - and seeing the Lake District and Windermere again.

Denise said...

FIrst of all cute cute pics of the cat. I am so sorry that he died. Secondly poor Izzak, his burns do look to be healing though.I agree he does seem to have a great big heart. Always a pleasure reading about your family, I am glad that I found your blog.

6Pigtales and A Buzzcutboy said...

you have a great cat for letting the dinky cars be placed that is too funny

Steffi said...

Funny cats pictures.
But what´s happend with Izzak´s leg?!

my4kids said...

Steffi, he burned it last month. If you click on the part that is underlined and says Izzak burn himself it will take you back to the post from when he did it.

4 munchkins we have pretty calm cats, funny considering we also have 4 kids messing with them all the time but the cats are all very tolerant..

Nailgirl, thank you for you compliments. Also his burn is healing very well you would be amazed at how well it looks compaired to a little over a month ago when it happened and they were considering skin grafts! The dr couldn't stop telling me how great a job I was doing at home being a nurse bandaging and putting the medicine on his wounds!

Frannie, we have lots of pictures of playing with the cats.

Searching, the kids did enjoy the video. We are Beatrix Potter fans! Thank your for the comments above also. Izzak is an extremely caring boy. I really hope he stays that way, I'm sure he will. Also I am envious of car seats also strollers I would love to get bundled up to go and have someone to carry me around :)

Beccy the cat didn't even act like he noticed Izzak driving the cars on him, he slept through it all but our cats are very used to the kids playing with them in their sleep. Maybe that is why they try to bother the kids in their sleep, possibly a little kitty payback?

Anonymous said...

Those cat pictures cracked me up!

Heather K said...

Oh my goodness! You guys have had one thing after the other! I hope things start improving for you...I'm glad to see Izzak's leg is healing so nicely! You must be a good mommy!! It looks like you all have a lot of fun together. I looked at your online photo albums...some great pictures!
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog.. come back again sometime soon!

Debbie said...

Hilarious picture of the cats. Sorry to hear that one died. :( I can't believe that one stayed there while all the cars got piled on him, either. My cat is pretty tolerant as well, but I dont know if he's THAT toleran. ;)

I'm glad Izzak's leg is getting better.