Thursday, March 29, 2007

Then Izzak turned Fwee!

I was able to find Izzaks 3rd Birthday pictures (still looking for second birthday). Here he is opening presents. The little boy next to him was another little boy from his Early Interventions preschool. They were pretty good friends but unfortunatly we don't see him or his mom anymore. She became a friend of mine for awhile. One of the nice things about him going to this preschool was being able to meet other moms whose kids had similar problems to Izzak. I finally had someone who understood what it was like. Izzak and Tanner actually could comunicate together even though they didn't talk very well either one and still needed their moms to interpret most of what they said.

Izzak playing with baloons at his party. The little girl in the background is a friend of mine daughter and then Joshua next to her. Izzak and the little girl are 4 months apart and still friends.
One of the gifts he got for his birthday was his first 2 wheeler bike but with training wheels he chased all the neighborhood bigger boys while on it. He felt like a big boy.
I had to share this one because I think its cute.
In this one it doesn't show the whole scene but Izzak looks so excited because he just sprayed his brother with the hose! Isn't he a nice boy?
This one is cute because Izzak is holding Joshua's hand. Isn't that sweet?

We had a lot more improvements to his speech this year many more words and I found that Izzak knowing some of his sign language that Joshua learned it to. That helped things quite a bit although Joshua was talking way more then Izzak already by the time he was 18 months.

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Emma in Canada said...

Terri- your memory is fantastic, for some reason I seem to have forgotten a lot from Taylor's early days. Will you ever pass this on to him?

Steffi said...

Yes,I can say the same like Emma!Your memory is really nice !I think Izaak will be happy about it when you show him this.

PortraitofPeter said...

Amazingly detailed memory - you have.

Beautiful photo's with your captions are a joy to see. Especially seeing Izzak with his baby brother and his 1st bike.

Fond memories are wonderful - as your journal has shown.

Blessings to all.

Heather said...

Hi Terri
What adorable little guys you have! and the stories are great.... Izzak will love these... Would be nice if you could somehow preserve this "journal" for him... Hope all is well with you.

Debbie said...

I love the stories along with the pictures. It must be fun for you to relive them, too. :)

ChrisB said...

More lovely stories and photos