Thursday, March 22, 2007

A little better and my work

Thank you for your comments on yesterdays post. Really it means alot.

I stayed home today and it has been good for me no cluster headache today. I do think my job helps to cause them. I have flet more stressed with it and I have noticed when my stress level goes up in comes the clusters and they just are no fun. Also I am the type to stay at work no matter how bad it is. Trust me that is not an easy thing to do.

Also on Monday I did the fun Monday thing and told about my day in which I made a comment about our getting yelled at by patients and thought I would say something more about.

First of all those of us at the front probably know the best about how frustrating it can be when a patient is waiting to be seen for a long time, especially when you have had an appointment and it is well past that time. We see people waiting and wish they could just be taken back also. The problem is some people are really not nice about it and I get cussed out at least once a week by someone waiting. I get frustrated because there is nothing I can do the doctors don't listen to us and neither do the medical assistants. I try to tell people if they have a complaint please tell your doctor or fill out a comment card. In my company they are read by the upper management and they do listen and change things but people never fill them out because they figure no one is going to read it anyway. I am only do what I can do and frequently will be running around the office trying to figure out why the doctor is so far behind.

Sometimes it is because someone came in and they were much sicker then thought and the doctor has to take more time and possibly call an ambulance (actually happens quite alot). Sometimes the doctors are trying to see everyone who wants to be seen and just has to many people comming in one day. There are lots of reasons but by the time people are called back they are not mad anymore and don't say anything to the doctor. So we have been yelled at and the patient goes back and says nothing to the doctor. Does that sound frustrating.

Also my job is a little different. I mentioned I worked in the staffing department. The company I work for has 4 hospitals in the city and neighboring citites. With that they have 26 clinics right now and are always taking on more. I work at all of those clinics. Which ever place I am scheduled is where I go and even though they all use the same systems everyone is a little different which makes my job a little more difficult. It's kind of like having 26 jobs that you work at one sometimes and change around constantly. I can easily be at 5 different locations in one 5 day week. I have been at this job f or over 4 years which is actually a long time for the department ( I am ADD so I do better actually moving around). Being there that long means all the clinics know me well and expect different and usually more work out of me because they know what I am capable of. So when I do make a mistake its definetly brought up.

I also frequently have people comming in to our urgent care clinics who are very sick and I have to figure that out so they don't wait. I worry about making a mistake and not catching it....fortunatly hasn't happened yet.

So my job is stressful and getting to be to much for me. I have my own stress at home with my health, the kids health and Izzaks learning disabilities. That my friends is why I am anxious to move and quit my job!

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6Pigtales and A Buzzcutboy said...

ya it sounds like a stressful job..hang in there! Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog, I really do appreciate them, and love to read your blog knowing that someone else " feels" what I feel with four kids..the good and the not so

frannie said...

I am so sorry that you are so stressed! I hope that your situation changes for the better very soon!

Heather K said...

Just making a really quick stop to say THANK YOU for your prayers for my grandma and also for leaving a nice comment..
will be back to catch up on reading tomorrow!

Beccy said...

Your life sounds very stressful no wonder you get headaches. I hope the move comes sooner rather than later.

Steffi said...

Yes your life sounds stressful.I hope you find some quiet minutes for yourself to relaxing.I hope your situation change soon!

Portrait of Peter said...

I sympathise with you - and I think you know the only solution open to you!!

I found myself in a similar situation and had to make a career move - which alleviated completely my health state.

Your future well-being along with your loving family are the important principles.

Prayers to give you the strength of guidance.

Scribbit said...

Nothing like a stressful job to bring on the headaches--no fun.

Are you going to work in the health care industry up here?

my4kids said...

Thank you for the comments and PortraitofPeter you are right I do know what the solution is. I just need to get things set so that I can do that. That being quite the job as like you said the kids and my own future are more important.

Debbie said...

I hope everything falls into place soon for you, and you can get out of this stressful situation.