Sunday, March 11, 2007

What we did today

Yesterday was not exciting. I went to the scrapbook store with my neice and sister in law to figure out invitations for my grandmothers 90th bday party this summer. Other then that I sat at home working with the hubby to try and figure out how to make our other computer work right. Yeah that was fun.

Today we went to my father in law (and his wifes) house for his birthday. I wasn't looking forward to it because my father in law? He. drives. me. nuts! He likes to argue, with anyone, most of the time he is wrong and has no idea really what he is talking about but he will argue anyway. Very agravating. And his wife? By the way I call her that because she is not my mother in law. They started dating 3 weeks after my mother in law died suddenly from a heart attack. It was upsetting to everyone because you know you would think he would mourn (or whatever) a little longer then 3 weeks. They knew each other before she died also so it just makes it weird. Also they got married about a year later and none of his kids were invited. She is not real fond of us and can be really hard on Izzak.
Anyway it wasn't so bad because my brother in law actually showed up for once and had his girls with him. They are the same ages as Kenzie and Madison. Kenzie and Kayla are 9 days apart, then Aidan is 10 1/2 months younger (yes the sisters are 10 1/2 months apart both same parents) then Madison came a year later. My nieces used to live with us when they were babies and toddlers alot so the girls were really close. Now that they don't the last time we saw them was in August.

Did you know that it is virtually impossible to get 6 kids to pose for a picture, um especially when you through a 1 1/2 year old dog in the yard with them.

My girls are on the left of course.
Madison 6, Kenzie 8, Kayla 8, and Aidan is 7.

Joshua, Aidan, Maddie, Kenzie, Kayla and Izzak in the back. That is Sammy my FIL's dog

See? they just don't stand nice.

Notice in all the pics with the boys that Aidan is holding Joshua's hand? I asked him if he pointed out that he is her cousin and he said yes but that she likes him.

Of course who wouldn't think he is cute.......

Even though his clothes are covered in dirt from playing in their backyard.

I relented and told them they could all do a crazy picture trying to give me one good one this is the crazy one.............

This is what we got. Of course Izzak thinks he is to old to make silly faces. He also knows I post everything on my blog.

They day went pretty well though and my FIL actually didn't fight to much we were able to have a decent discussion mostly about our moving to Alaska. Everyone talks about it because even though we have it worked out and plans are already set for Kelly to move up next month nobody think we will actually end up doing it.

Hubby talking.

After that we drove home but stopped off and the grocery store first. Okay thats another thing. I think I pointed out to the hubby why I don't take all the kids to the grocery store with me! They are normally good kids (for the most part). But a grocery store full of things to ask for? Yeah not a fun place to take the kids. It was easier actually when they were babies, cause i could stick them in the shopping cart and they couldn't run off. Yeah I don't think we will be going to the grocery store with everyone very soon. Of course when he leaves I will be stuck taking them all. Yeah not looking forward to that.

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Amy W said...

Yes, Joshua is adorable!!

Debbie said...

The pictures of the kids are hilarious. Somtimes I can't get my 2 to pose nicely. In the end, I think the ones where they aren't posing are more fun to look at anyway.

Moving to Alaska - sounds like an adventure.

my4kids said...

Thanks Amy I am sure he would appreciate that! I know that I am biased but I sure think he is cute too!

Debbie, My favorites always end up not posed also. It would just be nice to get a nice kid shot, just once ya know?

heiresschild said...


i've come here via alpha dude's blog. you have such beautiful children. i enjoyed reading about them in your intro. i love how each child reveals his/her personality in the pics thru smiling, hand-holding, making faces, etc.

Portrait of Peter said...

Sunday - a day of family unity!!!

And in sharing the computer know how too!!!

You have a natural talent in your writing - long may it continue.

Alpha Dude said...

Thanks for the comments, Terri!
Glad you had a good day with the family.

I am also glad you and Joshua made it.

God is Good!

The "go nuts" pictures are always the best.

~ej said...

the "go nuts" photo is THE best! it's impossible to get kids to cooperate for photos, the un-posed ones are usually the best! :)
going to the store with more than one child, like herding cats!
have you seen scribbit's blog? she's in alaska (link at my blog).
and thanks for adding me to your blog roll! :)

Steffi said...

Very nice pictures of your children!

my4kids said...

Heiress, thank you for your comments I recently changed my intro a bit. I am glad you liked it. My kids are all very different from each other and it really comes out in their faces, especially the silly ones.

Searching, thank you I am always a little worried about my writing. To hard on myself probably. I appreciate your comments about it.\

Thanks Alpha Dude. God is good! Also the go nuts pictures usually are my favorites just don't let my kids find out. I want a "normal" (whatever that is) pic someday.

Elena, I will have to check out Scribbits blog. I enjoy your blog I am still reading through it, haven't had a lot of time lately.

Steffi, as always thank you!

Emma in Canada said...

Would you not leave Izzak to babysit? Or would your house fall down around them? Which is what happens when I leave Taylor and Liam alone.

my4kids said...

Emma, I do leave him home to babysit sometimes and I probably will but usually he is my grocery shopping partner since he knows where everything is..I know lame excuse right? I probably will but I just know there will be alot more running around with all of them and not a lot of time for mom to get away like I can sometimes when Kelly is here. I guess I will get a small taste of being a single mom.