Monday, March 19, 2007

Fun Monday

today's fun monday is hosted by enidd who suggested we show a typical day in our life. i think this sounds like an interesting challenge, tho i'm not sure how FUN or exciting it might be. I figured I could give this one a try!
My own typical day starts when my alarm goes off at 6am. Of course I hit the snooze button until about 6:30 then have to literally jump out of bed and make sure the kids actually woke up when Kelly woke them. Usually this is easy since he wakes them and they all crawl in my bed! By then I have to run around and make sure the kids are getting dressed. Usually I try to have them set out clothes the night before but somehow something is missing, like a sock...and its the only one that will do that day. Also that is when they remember they need things signed for that day.

I manage to get myself out of the house by 7 am for my drive to work an hour away. Most days I get there on time but if traffic is bad that doesn't happen. Work starts at 8. I log into my computer and start checking in patients for whatever clinic I am working at that day. I work in the staffing department for a large group (26 clinics now) of clinics and can be scheduled at any one of them but usually I am scheduled at the ones farthest from my home.

Since I know most of you see drs at some point in time please remember that we the people at the front desk are only doing what we are told to do by the doctors and managers and yelling at us just gets us upset and no one listens to us anyway. I usually end up with several of these a day since i also work in the Urgent Care clinics usually and people don't like the 1-3 hour waits it sometimes has, again I have no control and yelling at me is really upsetting. I try what I can to let them know but when several people check in at the same time its gonna take awhile for the doctors to see them all. Okay I'm off my soapbox, bad day at work can you tell?

After work I get back in my car to drive home, traffic is always worse in the evening so it takes longer to get back.

When I get home it is time for me to help the kids with homework and make dinner. Hopefully its a night they don't need to be anywhere because that can throw the routine out of whack. We play with the kids and then get the girls in the tub and boys in the shower. The kids are sent to bed between 8-9 but not always asleep by then. If you've read other posts you would know that Joshua is usually getting up for hours after this SINCE HE DOESN'T SLEEP!

Once I have everyone to bed and gotten laundry started and tried cleaning up a bit then I get on the computer to check my the blogs I read. I usually don't get to bed myself until after 11 or so.

So that is a normal day in my life. Not so exciting is it? I really need to quit my job though.

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Anonymous said...

that job does sound like high stress! poor you.

Beccy said...

Gosh that sounds like one long day.

I've been meaning to say that I love your slideshow.

ChrisB said...

you sound as though you cope really well with a stressful job, I'll remember to bite my tongue as I'm expecting a long wait when I take my mother to an out patient appointment at our local hosp tomorrow better make sure I take a good book!!

Portrait of Peter said...

You have my sympathy - those in the front line often become the target.

Although do look of a brighter note - for come the evening you can enjoy being with your wonderful children.


Anonymous said...

The last minute signing of papers in the morning, missing sock...that all sounds too familiar! 26 different clinics? My God, you're versatile.

Portrait of Peter said...

You will be rewarded when the followng happens:

1 Madison becomes either a singer or a philosopher.

2. Princess marries a Prince.

3. Joshua becomes a weather forecaster.

4. Izzak becomes a popular dog trainer.

5. Your hubby is able to control your "shopping" excursions.

6. You are able to sleep in past 7am.

One song always comes to mind when I have an "Off Day" it is from the "Life of Brian" and it is called:

"Always look on the bright side of life".

It's funny how this song always comes into my head when - things go wrong!!!

Blessings to you all.

Debbie said...

That DOES sound like a long draining day and still sound pretty upbeat. Especially with the lack of sleep. I'm terribly grouchy when I'm tired. Selfishly, this is one reason why I wouldn't want another baby. I can't handle the lack of sleep. Eeek! Terrible to admit but there ya go.

By the way, who DO we yell at when we're waiting at the dr's office for three hours? The doctors? Not that I yell anyway, but I have to admit that it's pretty irritating. Maybe it's just the System. Funny how it always ends up being the "System's" fault. ;)

frannie said...

I missed this post the other day--- just wanted to say that I'm sorry you were having such a rotten day!

and, I also wanted to say that you are a super hero to be able to get all that done in one day. It would take me a week!