Friday, March 09, 2007

Izzak had another choir concert

On Thursday we went to the High School for Izzaks middle school. They had the 5th and 6th grade choir festival. This included the kids from his choir and about 6 other schools so it was a very packed place. This is also the same school Kelly, me and my dad graduated from also, David Douglas High School.

I actually took some pictures of it though. Is that a surprise?

We didn't get to get to close but here is part of the whole group of kids.

Here is the side Izzak was on. You can actually see him. He is standing at the very front right in the center, he's the one right in the middle between the heads in front of me looking off to our left. He did a good job but could see us and Kelly of course was making faces at him so he was having a hard time paying attention at time. Also it was after 7 and he had to stand the whole time and we could really tell his leg was bothering him. He kept reaching down and rubbing it.

One of the songs they sang they had to say all the name of the states and Izzak couldn't remember them all so his teacher let him and a friend write them on his arm. Yeah it was pretty, he had all fifty states written on his arm wrapped from his elbow to all over his hand. By the time they had the concert some of it had rubbed off a bit so you couldn't see it all. We did see him looking at his arm though trying to figure out what was written, of course since he is dyslexic he couldn't really read them all it was cute though and we had to chuckle to ourselves about it.

My parents came to the concert also and the girls sat in my dads lap the whole time. Took pictures of that also.

They are definetly Papas (grandpa) favorites can you tell?

A 60 second video clip of the concert they are singing Seize the Day. The video isn't all that great because it is dark but the sound came in great.

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Honestly I don't get it.

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That Chick Over There said...

LOL! I had a Google search today that said, "Dent in my butt"

Good gravy people!

nailgirl24 said...

Hey You are number 4 in my post. In case you were wondering.

frannie said...

what a sweet post! I love the story of him having the states written on his arm!

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

These things are so much fun. I love listening to the kids sing.

My son has the most beautiful voice. If only he'd use it more often.

Debbie said...

I enjoyed the little video. Thanks for sharing!

elena jane said...

i love going to see my kids at school events. lol @ writing the states on his arm! looks like they have lots of space at the school too :)

Steffi said...

I enjoyed your video!Nice to see the choir on your pics.