Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunny Sunday....well mostly and little girls meltdown

So yesterday was kind of a bust for doing anything since it! Of course as I've said before we live in the Great Northwest and what are we known for?? Yes the answer is rain. Of course I actually really love the rain but its spring and I'm wanting to start doing things so I really want the weekends dry...yeah well we'll see how that works.

On a bright note the boys went to my friend Kara's house yesterday morning and spent the night so we got a good weekend with just the girls. It's amazing how much QUIETER the house is with just the girls....except for the girly chatter and Madison is a pro when it comes to that. She just has a lot to say..........all the time.

Today was better the sun decided it would come out for me though. So we went on one of our "famous" drives up the gorge. I don't know what it is but we do this a lot when the weather is nice. Its just a really nice view. Like this Aint it perty? I think so that is Memaloosa Island and its in the middle of the Columbia River Gorge up near Hood River. It used to be 4 acres wide but now with the river it is only about 1/2 an acre. Also it used to be an Indian burial ground except they didn't bury them they would sit them up inside a little wooden hut. Seems creepy to me. Anyway when the island started getting smaller the Indians decided to move the bodies and actually bury them and now just one guy is buried there, under the ground. Interesting history I guess....nobody really goes on the island though now. Its a pretty view though.

We can see it from another rest stop where we let the girls play.

Some may ask why do we stop at rest stops to play? I don't know, really I don't know but its sometimes actually the high point of the rides and the kids ask to go on these drives....we may just be weird I don't know.

The only thing about these drives is the girls talk...alot. Well they do anyway all the time I guess but its something about being in a small confined place with the little high pitched voices. Honestly though I love listening to them talk. Especially Madison, she has some weird ideas. I take the opportunity though to take pictures though no matter where we are. See

Yes that is my sweet little girl STICKING HER TONGUE OUT AT ME! Ha she gets it from me I do it all the time and tought them all early. Much to the hubby's discontent.

But see they are smiling and loving the open road.....Well mostly until you get this

"Mom thtop taking pictureth of me" Yes my daughter has a lithp.....Also this was about the 15th picture in a row....I think she was done. What do you think.

The other thing with girls? They are emotional from the very beginning. Did you know that? Little girl meltdowns....This would be Madisons for the day.....

The reason for this meltdown you may ask? "Kenzie wont talk to me" says Madison. Isn't it horrible? She is the little drama queen. Of course this only lasted about 10 minutes until Kenzie handed her 5 pennies. Apparently 5 pennies fixes everything.......I wish it worked for me.

By the way is it bad that I think my daughter looks adorable when she's mad? Honestly the second photo look at that face and the pouty lips....I just wanna kiss them.

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Portrait of Peter said...

Really stunning views - where you live. Also your history of the island, makes one appreciate and respect what we have near to us.

Delighted to see the girls enjoyed the day out too. Always a happy event when the sun comes out on such a beautiful spring day.

Luv your journals - thank you for sharing.

Beccy said...

What a lovely day out.

Love the pout. Ben is good at that, his eyes well up and the lip goes out...I love it!

Amy W said...

Very cute! Yes, she is adorable when she is mad.

I too let the kids out at rest areas to play.

Debbie said...

Beatiful scenic view. I love rest stops!! It's fun to stop. I like when it's quiet, but it's also interesting when there are other travellers there as well.

Portrait of Peter said...

I forgot to add

"Apparently 5 pennies fixes everything.......I wish it worked for me".

I bet that's what your hubby says - when you go shopping too!!!

I know I have a cruel sense of humour!! I just could not resist that comment.

Steffi said...

What for a nice day!And your nature there is very beautiful!!!

my4kids said...

Portraitofpeter, honestly I am a fabulous shopper even the hubby says so. I am great at finding good deals. Hubby spends much more regularly then I do.

frannie said...

she is sooo precious--- even when having a meltdown! I can not get enough of the Madison pictures. I was a nanny for many years and she reminds me of my favorite little girl that I watched. so sweet and cute.

my4kids said...

Thank you Frannie, Her pictures really go with her personality also. She is a hysterical little girl. One of these days I need to devote a post to just things about her. She could easily take up a week of posts no problem.

That Chick Over There said...

You have beautiful girls!

frannie said...

Terri- everyday I would have a story about the little girl I watched. she is seriously one of the true loves of my life! Everytime I see pictures of Madison, it makes me miss her so much. I see her a lot (and will tomorrow!), but I haven't seen her recently.

her stories made her famous at the elderly village where my granny used to live!

ChrisB said...

I came by yesterday but my comment isn't there for some reason. Glad to hear you had a fun day out with your girls.

purple_kangaroo said...

Oh, my girls TOTALLY do the same thing. "She won't talk to me, boohoo!" and then 2 minutes later they're best friends again.