Friday, March 30, 2007

How could I forget?.... I am a bad mother

So while you are all telling how great a memory I have I forgot something very important when Izzak turned 3! How could I forget???

Izzak became a big brother again! To his first baby sister.

McKenzie was born............

Please pay no attention to me in the picture and remember I had a c-section 3 days earlier.

McKenzie coming along was very exciting for Izzak he paid more attention this time and new something was coming. I'm not sure what he thought was in there though. When most people asked him if I was having a brother or a sister his comment? "I habben batman!" Yep he thought she was going to be batman, or wanted her to something like that.

Even though she wasn't batman he was thrilled with his new baby sister

Can you tell? He was very protective of her also and got very upset when she cried. If I wasn' t in the same room and she cried he would find me and with a very distraught look on his face say "My baby cwy, fixth her".

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Heather K said...

oh my goodness... these are sooo cute .. he seems like a sensitive, sweet little boy! thanks for sharing your great pictures and stories.... keep 'em coming!

Portrait of Peter said...

What a delightful story and shows just how protective and caring Izzak is to his siblings. Perhaps even more so with Kenzie.

Wonderful photo's of Izzak with baby Kenzie - his face says it all - so very proud of his baby sister.

Thanks for sharing a wonderful journal.

frannie said...

how sweet--- it almost looks like he is holding a doll. what a great big brother to have.

ChrisB said...

he's a great big brother and so protective

Steffi said...

They are all so sweet!And it´s good to have a big brother!