Monday, March 26, 2007

Fun Monday

Tristan challenged us this week 'to tell the world how you would like to wake up in the morning. What is present in the planet you would wake up to? What are the people in it like, Does Marmite and butter come pre-mixed, or are you an astronaut on a mission to launch Tony Blair into low earth orbit. Show the difference between current reality, and reality 2.0.'
Honestly its a very easy post for me. I would love to wake up in the morning with the hubby by my side and the kids snuggled in their beds (their beds mind you, not all over the house). I would like to wake up knowing I didn't have to jump out of bed to get ready to go to work at my job.
I am a pretty plain person and really I'm easy to please. The hubby would even tell you that. This is how my ideal world would be because then I would be more my ideal person. I was home with my kids for the first 8 years and I was a very happy person and every morning when I woke up it was a new day and a new chance to find things to do with the kids. I love to take the kids out to find new things. Also I am a big kid myself and want to do kid stuff as well. Do you want to know my favorite places in town to go to? The Childrens Museum and The Zoo. Especially when I am with my family.
Also I like the beach so if that was closer I would be very happy and in my ideal world.
Also Alpha Dude I will post my nominations tomorrow. I didn't want to have 3 posts in one day. Can't think good enough to do it. See I can't write very good english either.

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frannie said...

now that's a perfect day!!!

Beccy said...

Sounds like a good start to me.

ChrisB said...

Your kids are lucky to have such a great mum and I bet it's lovely seeing the enjoyment they get from visits to the zoo and museum etc :)

Portrait of Peter said...

You have the right philosophy on life - and that's what counts!!!

Luv the post.

Blessings from a glorious day here in Scotland.

Scribbit said...

As I was waiting for the window to download I noticed your previous post's picture. WOW! You look young. Pretty amazing. I guess 18 is pretty young but not crazy young . . .

I forgot what I was going to say on today's post.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed your comment over on my blog. Please don't be afraid to post your five thinking blogs. I only had one person who was upset, but I couldn't really say it like that in my post. This has been one of my most stressful days as a blogger! It all started last night on another blog and then today I got an email from her and it just became out of hand. I think most bloggers realize that it is in fun and most people don't mind not being recognised for their blogs, they mostly just enjoy finding interesting ones, so put your list out there and don't worry about it.