Friday, March 30, 2007

Four year old Izzak

A picture from Izzaks fourth birthday party. Yes he was into baseball this year and frogs like on his shirt.

I always like this picture of Izzak he got right up close to me when I was taking his pictureIzzaks 5th Christmas. I tried to take the kids to Sears to have their pictures taken but they just weren't interested and the photographer was not a nice person and acted as if they were being horrible because they didn't want to sit in the boring poses she wanted them in. I left the store frustrated thinking I wasn't going to be able to get their Christmas pictures this year until I found The Picture People and it was great! Just look at this picture!

Joshua is trying to tell us to put Kenzie in the the train (I don't think she would fit?) What do you think? lol he is a funny kid..
This year brought another baby to the Dunn family. Kelly's brother and his wife had their second baby (the first was 9 days before Kenzie the year before). As you can tell Izzak loved babies. He still does.
Izzak was still in the Early Intervention program for his speech and other issues this is a picture of him in his class.
Izzak also loved climbing trees, just like him mom did when she was little this is another favorite picture of mine.
Notice the red boots in the picture above? Those were his favorite for several weeks. He would not take them off and felt they were the perfect thing to wear with anything.
His speech got so much better this year. It was the biggest improvement we had seen in him ever.

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Beccy said...

It's great to see Izzak growing up.

Portrait of Peter said...

Izzak is such a sensitive and caring child - as can be seen from this beautiful photo's you have kindly shown here.

Also delighted to hear of his marked improvement in his progression with speech - a proud moment for Izzak and for you his parents too.

This journey - each day has been a wonderful insight into the joys of Izzak and his qualities shine through every time.

Blessings to you all this weekend - may it be one of sunshine - like that of Scotland.

frannie said...

I love the red boots- I need some of those.

That Chick Over There said...

Such sweet photos. I, like Frannie, would like red boots of my own.

ChrisB said...

I'm loving this journey through Izzak's life.

Steffi said...

Yes,I agree with Beccy!Cute!