Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween was cold!

So the kids really enjoyed Halloween but we froze outside the wind was bad with those great Gorge winds blowing in I heard it dipped pretty low but not sure exactly where. Fotunatly it did not rain which is quite common around here, the weather was nice and held off on the water till yesterday.
Like I said the kids had a lot of fun they enjoyed dressing up even though there coats didn't go real well with there costumes but I guess that is the price you pay to get all the candy though, right? It actually worked better for Madison who was having difficulty keeping her wings up until I figured out a way to pin them to her jacket and they stayed up the whole time except when the wind was really strong and pulled them down!

I know its dark but doesn't she looked thrilled in this picture? I am not sure why she was frowning since she really liked her costume but I think she was little irritated with the coat being added to it.

Once again she is giving me a funny look in this picture, not sure exactly why though and I didn't get to many pictures on Halloween for some reason I didn't get any of Izzak though at all in his costume and Joshua was only from the weekend before when we were trying them on. If you click on the picture though you might be able to see the hair color and makeup on Madison a little better.

Maddie is such a funny little character though. Since Kenzie was an angel we had a couple of houses that people commented on 2 angels and Maddie was quick to correct them and the one she got the most attitude with was this huge biker guy with his harley in the front yard I mean he was probably 2.5x taller in hight and weighed enough to fill it out and she gets her little hands on her hips with her little attitude and tells him "I am not and angel, I am a fairy" the way she said it though there was no doubt she was not being an angel but fortunatly the guy thought she was pretty cute and laughed. I am not sure if she liked that either though, funny little girl....She walked with us close to an hour then she needed to go to the potty (and she made it, I was really happy about that) and once she was back in the nice warm house where daddy had turned up the heat to try to keep the house warm with all the opening of the door for trick or treaters she decided she had enough of the cold and would rather play games on the computer till we were done. Kenzie's wings held up pretty good no problems there but her costume was pretty covered under her coat and she had clothes on underneath she commented she was still cold a couple of times but refused to stop any sooner then the boys when aunt Gloria came over she was more then happy for another trip down some other streets we hadn't hit yet and mommy was just happy for some adult conversation while walking with the kids. Joshua was difficult with trying to get him to dress warmer he was very convinced he would be fine with just his costume and thought it was plenty warm enough out side (have i ever commented this kid is insane?) after all when I got home from work he ran out to meet me wearing only jeans no shoes no socks and no shirt (he seems to think the only thing he should wear is his pants lately and getting a coat on him is really difficult which I don't get since the kid is skin and bones he has no body fat to keep warm but I guess that is where the energy level must come in. Izzak was really happy with his vampire costume even with no blood or gory stuff somehow I didn't manage to get any pictures of him in it since I didn't really get any pictures except 2 of the girls then my camera started going weird and wouldn't take pictures well I will try to post those later this evening when I am home again. After the trick or treating where done the kids fed, candy hiden till the next day and kids put to bed I went to my friend Hannahs house to watch Childs Play we used to watch it together when we were much younger but her SIL Becci had not seen it yet and we had been talking about a movie night so figured what better then to watch it on Halloween right? I hope you slept okay that night Becci!
So there is always alot going on and I know i need to update or write about several other things and I will try to post more soon but as I said we have been very busy and never a dull moment. Thanks for stopping by and if you read please don't be afraid to leave comments I see that people come by but no comments, I wanna know what you think!

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