Wednesday, November 29, 2006

We had a good Thanksgiving

I have been MIA since Thanksgiving we went up to Washington to visit with a friend of ours from when we lived in Pheonix and when we got back our internet was out and we weren't able to get it back up till today. We had a good one mostly except Kenzie and Izzak ended up getting sick. Kenzie hadn't been really feeling well for most of the week but it was her normal symptoms of a tummy ache which she has all the time anyway. Thanksgiving night when we went to bed she was up all night throwing up and Izzak was having problems on the other end... Poor kid.

We had a good visit though and enjoyed our visit.

Izzak got his cast on last Wednesday, it is blue but is now covered in black sharpie signatures! I think that is the main reason he was really excited about getting a cast on. He is getting tired of it though already because it is heavy. He only has to wear it for a total of 4 weeks though so he only has a couple weeks left and he will be out before Christmas.

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