Friday, November 10, 2006

Busy weeks ahead

So it seems we have a lot going on this week and I have just not felt up to updating so far so I will see what I can do.
First of all is the good news (I hope) with Izzak, we had his conferences this week with his advisory teacher on Wednesday and I felt like it was the most productive conference we have had in a long time. His teacher seems to like him a lot and that is a great thing. He is a male teacher and I think that is great for Izzak. Anyway the student who was supposed to go before Izzak did not show up so we were able to start earlier and since we were the last conference we stayed later and the teacher was all for it and made us feel like we could stay as long as we felt we needed to to discuss Izzak. It felt great for once to have a teacher willing to give us as much time as we needed to make sure we were able to discuss everything we needed to get out. I feel like a lot was accomplished but am as usual causiusly optimistic..... I have thought this before only to end up frustrated again. But this conference felt different! He seemed to really understand Izzak and was excited to get more information regarding his disabilties like the working memory disorder and central auditory processing disorder both of these seem to be things that teachers really don't understand and so often seem unwilling to really learn. He said that so much of what I was explaining really made sense and gave him more ideas on how to help Izzak and we wants to extend these ideas into his other classes! The sad thing was seeing his report card with mostly D's and F's on it and comments like he is not organized or paying attention and that some of that was affecting his grade. The problem is that these two issues are a direct result of his disabilities! He seems to be not paying attention but it is really a different thing going on. Its hard to explain but he has done that since a baby and that is one reason why he didn't speak till he was 3. It is not that he is not paying attention but that he can't focus on things in a situation where a lot is going on it sounds alot like an add issue but is in many ways so much different but hard to explain but his brain completly tunes things out as a defense mechanism and that defense mechanism has only gotten stronger since he has had so many teachers who don't understand or want to understand and don't know how to help him. Any way we were able to discuss several ideas to help him in his classes and they sound very promising! I felt optimistic after his conference and not complete sadness for my little boy. Also the teacher said that within the next week the boy who has been harrasing him will not be in any classes with him anymore, that is a huge answer to prayers.
His disabilities really make me sad at times because it is so hard on him, but people in general do not understand because it is not something they can see on the outside and the effects they do see don't always get interpreted the right way. Also the people who notice the most unfortunatly are students in school and I hate the fact he has to deal with this. He is a very friendly kid and for the most part makes friends easily but also tends to be an easy target for those mean kids out there who enjoy teasing kids for not being as smart as everyone else. Izzak has enough problems trying to figure out how to get through the academics of school let alone the kids add to his stress with teasing and threats. I wish I could stay home with him and pull him out of school to teach him at home. There are so many programs available for him to have just as much socialization as he would at school but without the kids needing to know his problems..... My friend Melanie appoligizes for feeling this way regarding keeping her daughter Kennedy out of public school but I aplaud her for keeping her home and making sure she gets the help she needs. I really need help to help him myself but never feel like I can really get it.
So besides Izzak what else is going on this week? I don't know just a lot of planning for things right now. First I am having surgery on my arm next week 11/14 I am a little nervous about this of course but it also falls on Joshua's birthday and I am feeling bad about that but it needs done because my hand is getting worse. I have no feeling in most of my fingers in my left hand and the hand is getting very weak. I have been doing therapy and wearing a full brace on my arm most of the time since May but it has only gotten worse so surgery is the next step and if I wait to much longer permanent damage will be done and I will have little chance of getting the strength back in my hand and for the next two weeks it will be someones birthday pretty much every week then there is Christmas and Thanksgiving so next week it must be..... Joshua says he is okay with this and we will still have a party for him just not in the next week but on his birthday his grandma will be making his favorite dinner and making cupcakes to have a little celebration on his actual birthdate. I still can't beleive he is going to be 10 next week! Especially after what happened when he was born! On next Sunday 11/19 will be Kenzies birthday she will be 8 and then Kelly on 11/22, Thanksgiving the next day, and a week and a half later will be Maddies 6th Birthday on 12/6! So much going on for the next couple of weeks and that is just the big stuff not including drs appts comming up and the fact that there are several other close family birthdays comming up including my neice Kayla who is 8 today!
This week I got to visit my friend Hannah's babies and I love to see them they are so sweet I have to show new pics.

Here is Simon...
Isn't he the sweetest thing you have seen! I think so not to mention he can be awfully cuddly... I really miss the baby days can you tell? Look at those bright eyes though aren't they beautiful, his mom his hoppng they will be brown like hers but so far they are still blue.

Here is Emily and I think she is adorable with her big blue eyes and gorgeus blonde curls! She is a very silly 1 year old. Not to mention adorable! Don't you agree?

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