Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thoughts on Halloween

So since it is only 2 days till Halloween I thought I would write about my
thoughts on the day. I have mixed feelings about Halloween personally. When I was born my mother becamea Christian she was actually prayed f or by the obstetrician who delivered me. My dad was saved shortly after ward about 6 months after a very scary dream of losing his family when God came back and him being left alone. Anyway they decided on a few things after this and one was that they didn't want to celebrate Halloween as they felt God didn't want them to and that it was an evil holiday. So I never celebrated it. I never thought to much about it when I was little only a little jealous of the kids and there candy but my dad had a sweet tooth so we had something pretty often around the house anyway. When i was a little older it only bothered me a little because I felt like we had to hide in the house on Halloween night while people didn't pay attention to the light being out and would ring the doorbell or knock all the time. So we tended to hide in the house watching tv in the basement with the upstairs lights out.
When Kelly and I got married and had Izzak we needed to decide what we would do for Halloween. He had always celebrated it but wasn't allowed to trick or treat past the age of 12 or 13 other then walking with his younger siblings while they did. I decided that I was okay with it, I didn't feel like I needed to eliminate it completely but wanted to make conditions to it such as no evil, scarry bloody etc costumes for the kids. The girls are easy they generally want costumes such as Princesses Kenzie was Belle for 4 yrs, Sleeping beauty for 2 and tinkerbell for 1. This year we have ventured away from the Disney store and she is going to be

an angel!

Madison who has always been a disney character also 1 time Piglet and 4 years and cinderella will be

a fairy!

Joshua has had more of a variety of costumes including army man, race car driver, dinasour and my favorite was his 101 dalmation costumes when he was a baby this year he is:

a white ninja

For Izzak it was a little harder to come up with since he is away again with his dad on the last hunting weekend of the season he wasn't around I knew what he wanted but it wasn't really on my approved list but I gave in he wanted to be a vampire so I decided to go ahead and let him but he will not have any blood on him and won't be really scarry looking. He isn't here so I can't post a pic right now but I will post pictures of all of them again after Halloween.

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