Sunday, November 05, 2006

For Becci

I have left a couple of messages to you on your blog ( ) about how the kitty is doing and he continues to do great but I thought a would share a photo to give you a little idea of how well the kittens are getting along. The shirt on the ottoman they are sleeping on is one of Kellys and Mouse (our gray kitty, don't ask how he got the name) has always been big about sleeping on Kelly's clothes, I think it is cute! When they aren't sleeping cuddled up together they are playing throughout the house like sweet kitties do. It is pretty funny to watch. I was glad to help out by taking him and I think our older kitty is grateful also since he can now get some rest himself without Mouse wanting to sleep with him so much or playing with him when he wanted to sleep or maybe just take an older kitty catnap. As I write this post they kittens are chasing each other around the living room flying off of the furniture it is pretty funny to watch since occasionnaly they do not land exactly how they planned. I just wanted to share the picture with every one especially Becci so she could see her kitty is doing well and has settled into the family just fine.

2 people had something to say:

miraclebaby said...

OH, I am SO glad he's doing well there. My life is a lot more simple without a jealous kitty and I'm sure he's so happy to finally have someone to rough-house with!

purple_kangaroo said...

That's wonderful! Thank you for giving the kitty a home.